Software Suite for QR Code Recognition

The MST company offers a software package to recognize QR codes. Our software solution relies on the machine learning technology and is compatible with a wide range of scanning equipment.

Automatic QR code recognition systems find use in all verticals where controlling and accounting of products and materials matter. Marking is widespread in all industries.

Unique codes help identify a certain product, protect from counterfeiting and low-quality goods, and facilitate accounting, warehousing, and logistics.

The applications of QR codes are vast and diverse:

  • Logistics — significantly streamline the cargo receiving process with automatic registration in the company's system.
  • Manufacturing — labeling products to reduce the time spent searching for items and facilitating tracking.
  • Pharmaceuticals — reducing data entry errors.
  • Construction — structured storage and quick retrieval of data regarding materials and other supplies.

Our developed solution enables reading QR code labels with defects (such as dents, blurry printing, skewed placement, and many others) without compromising the performance of enterprise processes.

Our solution has a number of advantages, including:

  • High speed and recognition quality.
  • Handling various types of equipment.
  • API integration.

Our specialists are always delighted to assist you with consultations on any matter, ranging from customizing the service to suit your needs, to tailoring it specifically for your solution. It's easy for our specialists to customize the service to your exact requirements.