JoinCORE — EMV payment kernel

The own-developed payment kernel offers full support of Specification 4.3 which powers all our payment solutions.

The EMV kernel allows online issuer authentication and card holder verification (online PIN), as well as offline authentication (SDA, DDA, CDA) and card holder verification (offline PIN). The core mode can be configured to support no-PIN-required payments within the amount limits as prescribed in payment system rules. The solution supports contact and contactless cards of the most common payment systems (MasterCard, VISA) and tokenized cards on devices with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay, Mir Pay.

Key Benefits of JoinCORE

EMV 4.3 compliance

JoinCORE supports all functions provided by the EMV 4.3 specification.

Cross-platform operation

Allows you to work with various POS-terminal equipment, validators and SoftPOS solutions.

Easy to develop

A wide range of features allows for using JoinCORE in various verticals.

Flexible architecture

Currently, JoinCORE, as a standalone component beyond JoinPOS, is supplied as a C++/Java/C# class library. To integrate JoinCORE in their solution, the user needs to create an object of a class succeeding the classes defined in the library and executing the interfaces described in the library—to provide for interaction with equipment (reader, PIN pad, crypto system), and call methods of this class when needed—to process a card.

However, by agreement with the customer, the form in which JoinCORE is supplied can be changed to a divisible library with a specific API, or an app for the target platform connected with the environment through asynchronous messages (in a wider sense, including operating system messages and messages sent through sockets) over the JoinPOSProto protocol. The API and protocol descriptions are provided to the customer in a form they prefer.