JoinPAY Aero

Cloud account of the airline and online cash register with the function of commodity management.

All airlines today strive to provide as many quality services to their customers as possible. One of these services is the sale of goods and services on board the aircraft. Indeed, the introduction of new payment methods can significantly increase the average receipt. However, in practice, airlines face a number of problems that cannot be solved without a comprehensive approach. The fintech platform JoinPAY Aero allows you to implement a non-cash payment system on board the aircraft in the shortest possible time, reduce fraud and provide full sales analytics.

Equipment for paying for goods and services on board

Each flight of the airline is equipped with an online cash register called JoinPAY, which can accept both cash and bank cards. The software installed in the POS terminal has all the necessary functionality. It is able to process transactions in hybrid mode. This mode combines all the advantages of online and offline payment.

Any Types of Payments

Accepts contact and contactless cards, wearable NFC devices, cash and QR payments

Personal Account

Convenient web interface for working with products and analytics.

Commodity management

Create categories and products, add photos.

Convenient app

Intuitive application, everything you need to make sales.

Built-in receipt printer

No need to connect third-party devices, print receipts right at the cash register.

Capacious battery

The active operation time is 8 hours., in standby mode-about 24 hours.

Functionality of the service

Joinpay Aero personal account helps airlines (catering company) to see how effectively the sales of goods and services on a particular aircraft or flight are going. The service also provides an effective fight against fraud.

The fight against fraud

One of the main features of JoinPAY «Aero» is an effective fight against fraud. Using our system, the company can increase its own profit by 10% or more. These indicators are achieved through the use of a hybrid payment processing scheme. While the aircraft is on the territory of the airport, the terminal processes transactions online. During the flight, when there is no connection, the terminal continues to accept operations by bank cards, and after landing, all of the accumulated operations are processed by the terminal to the bank. If there is a situation when the terminal was not connected and the airline passenger made a purchase using a bank card with a negative balance, then such a transaction falls in the stop list, as well as in a special section of JoinPAY Aero which is called Deferred transactions. The service will try to debit the lost funds from the passenger. In addition, cashier can enter passenger's seat number, before passenger make his purchase. It's allows company to easily identify passenger in case of disputes.


In order to understand how well sales are going, you need to study statistics. JoinPAY Aero"allows you to get detailed statistical data on revenue for each flight and route of the airline. Each aircraft and each route has its own pages, which contain information about the number of cash and non-cash transactions, as well as the proceeds for each month of operation. Airline employees can also view individual transactions for any period of time, and search for a variety of different parameters, such as date, amount, status, transaction type, payment system, device, and so on.

Reporting system

Reporting is an important business component of any modern company. JoinPAY Aero provides a number of reports aimed at obtaining detailed information about the funds received on a particular aircraft or flight, for any period. The reports also allow you to compare the profitability of several aircraft or several flights, which is a very convenient function for adjusting current prices and menu composition. All created reports can be easily transferred to paper media using the built-in print function.

API for integration

JoinPAY Aero solution has a wide API that enables to send all the required information into the internal systems. Therefore, a customer can integrate the solution into their infrastructure and receive detailed data on all transactions, shifts, goods sold on a board, as well as information on profits by flights, aircraft and flight attendants.

Forecasting the loading of food carts

Do you know how efficiently food and goods are distributed on flights? After all, the final revenue of the enterprise depends on the correct selection of goods on board. JoinPAY «Aero», offers a service for calculating the most profitable, from an economic point of view, filling food carts on board the aircraft. Calculations are made using a trained neural network that takes into account many parameters, such as: exact flight, aircraft capacity, class of service, time, day of the week, seasonality, and others. With obtained data, company can correctly form the menu, and optimally load the food carts, depending on the specific flight.

Advantages of the JoinPAY Aero solution

The JoinPAY Aero service is a business solution for airlines and catering companies that allows you to quickly organize the sale of goods and services on board the aircraft

Accepting cash and non-cash payments

Effective fight against fraud

Mobile app for the client

Online and offline authorization by non-cash payment methods

Module for reauthorization of transactions

Register of blocked cards (stop list)

Company Business Account

Setting offline limits on the types of cards

Statistics on flight attendants, planes, and flights

Fiscalization of all types of payments

Increase in the company's revenue from 10% or more

High operational speed

Our Clients

JoinPAY Aero implementation

Cashless payments on AZUR Air’s airplanes

Cashless payments on Red Wings airplanes

Cashless payments on Izhavia airplanes

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