Data Structuring

Before coming to any conclusions based on heterogeneous data that would be beneficial for the business, they have to be brought to some common structure standard.

We offer this service thanks to which the sets of your disaggregated data can be brought to a common structure standard using which you will be able to carry out an analysis.

Types of data that we work with

Structured Data

Relational Databases

Semistructured Data

CSV, logs, XML, JSON, etc.

Unstructured Data

Mail messages, documents, pdf, etc.

Binary Data

Video, audio, graphic files, etc.

Stages of Data Structuring

The specific stages of the data structuring depend on the type of data and customer needs, but we can identify the main existing ones.

Stage 1

Conversion of Data to a Common Standard

Conversion of data is the identification of common parameters in various data sources and packing thereof in a new single structure.

Stage 2

Integration of the Same-type Criteria

The integration of the same-type criteria stands for the combining of parameters that have a common semantic representation for one and the same parameter.

Stage 3

Identification of Priority Criteria

The stage of priority criteria identification involves the identification of parameters that are the most important of all.

Stage 4


Visualization is the representation of data in the form of parameters variation graphs, linear diagrams and other forms.

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