JoinPay Transport. Tokenization

Bank cards undergo an active «digitalization» so that they can be used in various devices. New tokenized ways of payment emerge: wearable devices, e.g., the fitness trackers, watches of renowned brands, etc. Also, there is a significant increase in the number of payments using the «digitalized cards».

Besides, the transport projects in progress have a pressing need for the capability to carry out final authorization transactions based on the tokens. This is due to the fact that in many transport projects the POS terminals (validators, wearable POS terminals) operate in the «delayed online» mode, i.e., in such case a terminal validates a card by various criteria, such as common transport restricted card list, local vehicle-borne restricted card list, i.e., the list of the cards for which the timeout is enabled in the vehicle, validation of the EMV personalization parameters before the card-sending to the online, verification of the validity term in the terminal, verification through the white list, verification of the PAR restricted card list, etc., following which it approves the trip, and the final authorization is further carried out through the payment equipment or the platform.

MST Company, together with its strategic partners, namely RFI BANK JSC (from the Russian Federation) and ForteBank JSC (from Kazakhstan), has implemented the capability to carry out the tokenized final authorization transactions in the public transports (Merchant category code: 4111 - subways; 4131 - buses, trolleybuses and trams) through MasterCard bank cards.

It's allowed providing the passengers with access to the information on the trips made using the tokens in the passenger’s personal user account (PPUA) and the JoinPay mobile application. From now on, each passenger can evaluate a trip made using a tokenized device (fitness trackers, watches and smartphones.)

To avoid any possible fraud, when a passenger re-issues a digitalized card, the original card number goes to the acquirer bank along with the response to the authorization request with the result of the authorization. This makes it possible to carry out the final authorization of a transaction using the original card number.

We continue to develop our JoinPay platform focusing on technological effectiveness, thus making things more convenient for both the passengers and the transport companies. Not only does such innovation reduce the financial risks for the carriers but also provides passengers with additional services. We seek to create the best solution on the passenger carriages market, but we would not manage to achieve such a massive result without the active participation of the colleagues, our partners: RFI BANK and ForteBank, said Maxim Bornovolokov, CEO of MST Company.