Development of mobile applications

We create unique solutions allows you to solve a widest range of tasks related to the optimization of business processes. Our company specializes in developing applications for iOS and Android operating systems. We creating applications starting from an idea to a final release, and you always get an application, that fully meets objectives of your business.

For any business

We creating applications for all areas of the large and medium-sized businesses.

Payment applications

Retail applications

Applications for airlines

Applications for delivery services

Applications for automation

Applications for the public sector

Full development cycle

We are fully immersing in the process delve into the very essence of the client's needs.

We developing apps in accordance with your specifications

We create a unique, comfortable and modern design

We create a technical part and conduct testing on iOS and Android platforms

We publish your apps in stores and provide further support

We give you the rights to a source code

Development Tools

We using both standard Swift and Java, and also we using C ++ (and NDK for Android) for applications that require maximum performance.




React Native


Our Portfolio


Client application for merchant acquiring service JoinPAY. Allows clients to use loyalty systems of JoinPAY partners, as well as see the list of all purchases.


SoftPOS is a new-gen solution from JoinPAY for enterprises and credit and finance institutions that allows accepting cash, cashless, and QPS payments (Quick Payment System) through a conventional Android smartphone, using it as a fully-blown cashier's office, and generating fiscal receipts. The backend components of SoftPOS is running on CentOS. Containerization is based on the Docker software. The general payment kernel is implemented on C ++, the main functionality on Python (using the Django framework) and C # (using the .Net Core framework), Java is additionally used for smartphones. PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis are used as the DBMS, Nginx as the web server, and Haproxy as the load balancer.