Anti-fraud System

We provide a service to detect possible fraudulent activity in financial events

What is an anti-fraud system?

The system analyzes based on a set of predefined rules and delivers a verdict on whether a particular transaction can be trusted. It can also indicate reasons for potential rejection.

The anti-fraud service is designed in such a way that a qualified anti-fraud analyst can modify transaction evaluation rules to adapt the system to evolving requirements.

Service Architecture

On-premise model

n the on-premise model, the service is installed within the customer’s infrastructure. The Anti-fraud service can operate either through preprocessing or directly within the bank’s processing system.

Option 1: Connection to Preprocessing.

Option 2: Direct connection to Processing.

Cloud-based model

When using the Cloud-based model, the service operates and is maintained on the provider's servers. Integration with the customer's infrastructure occurs through the Anti-fraud Service API. The Anti-fraud service can operate either through Preprocessing or directly in Bank Processing.

Option 1: Connection to Preprocessing.

Option 2: Direct connection to Processing.

Transaction Flow Processing

The MST Anti-fraud service features a set of predefined rules and allows for the addition of custom rules.

Basic Rule Set

Filters for prohibited parameters

Garbage data

Prohibit transactions without 3DS

Prohibit transactions without CVC2

Transactions over 100,000 without PIN

Transactions over 1,000,000

Operations only for specific MCCs

Disable manual entry

Statistical analysis

Refund monitoring

By number/percentage of total/average

Transaction spikes/outliers

Blacklists for cards and BINs

High number of merchant declines

Too many transactions (per card) in a short period

Additional rules/exemptions on specific Terminal IDs, merchants or groups of them

Custom Rules

In addition to modifying the existing rule set, new rules can be easily added using the built-in Lua programming language, offering very flexible system configuration.

Service personalization

We customize the service to meet your specific requirements and adapt it to your solution If you're uncertain about task definition, our specialists can help create a well-formulated technical assignment for an anti-fraud system that meets your requests and requirements.

Advantage of the System

Our system offers flexibility in configuration and operates at high speed, enabling efficient fraud detection

Rapid verification of financial event

High operational resilience

API integration

Flexible service configuration

Easy deployment within the customer's environment

System performance reports

Detailed log of financial event verification

How to get started?

Fill out the application for the anti-fraud system and provide a brief description of your objectives Current status and desired outcome.

Step 1


You're outlining the task and project requirements If necessary, we sign an NDA.

Step 2


We analyze the tasks, propose a solution, and coordinate the project plan.

Step 3


We discuss conditions, deadlines, responsible parties, and sign the contract.

Step 4


We establish communication methods with the team and commence project implementation.

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