JoinPAY «Vending»

Trade Automation, Wire Payments and Loyalty System for the Refrigerators and Freezer Chests.

JoinPAY Vending solution for the freezer chests allows the owners of the vending networks to automate the trade. Being one of the least expensive solutions in the market, the JoinPAY Vending has an ample functionality allowing to introduce a wireless payment in accordance with Federal Law, the products accounting system, financial flows analysis, as well as various customers loyalty systems.

Company’s business account

Cloud JoinPAY Vending business user account makes for a fully-featured back office for the operators of the vending networks where an operator can operate the whole fleet of refrigerators. This includes work with several legal entities at a time through one user account.

Commodity management function

Keeping track of the refrigerators’ fill rate

Keeping track of the expired products

Payments analysis

Refrigerators efficiency rate analysis

Keeping track of the refrigerators’ status

Automated reporting

Integration with custom services

Customer’s mobile application

JoinPAY application allows a customer to pay for the items they want to buy by simply taking the products out of the refrigerator. If necessary, the staff of JoinPAY can develop a custom branded application in compliance with the customer’s requirements.

Value for the customers

A convenient way to pay for the products

Discounts and promotional offers

Purchase history

Value for the company

Allows to increase the frequency of the sales

Increases the purchasers’ loyalty towards the brand

Allows to compile the profile of the purchaser

Allows to get feedback from the purchasers

The diagram of the services interaction during the work with JoinPAY Vending

Схема взаимодействия сервисов при работе JoinPAY «Вендинг»

Operating principle of JoinPAY Vending

Step 1

The purchaser downloads the JoinPAY mobile application for Android or iOS and logs in using the telephone number. Once logged in, they add a bank card (or several cards) with one touch.

Step 2

When directly next to the refrigerator, a customer reads the special QR code, following which the system identifies the customer and opens up the refrigerator’s electronic lock.

Step 3

RFID tag where all the necessary product information is recorded is attached to each product in the refrigerator. There is an RFID tags reader along the perimeter of the refrigerator which activates once the purchaser takes the wanted product out of the refrigerator.

Step 4

Once the purchaser takes the wanted product, all the data will be sent to the company’s business user account. After that, the customer must close the refrigerator door following which they can pay for the product in the application through the internet acquiring using the data of the card previously added.

Step 5

The company’s business user account also receives the data of the sale. The information gathered helps to track the products’ expiry date, the refrigerators’ fill rate and helps to analyze the sales efficiency rate in each refrigerator.

Key benefits of JoinPAY Vending

Federal Law compliance

The system uses cloud fiscalization, and the customer’s application automatically receives the fiscal sales receipts.

Company’s business account

JoinPAY cloud user account provides for the products accounting, the analysis of the payments and creation of the promotional offers.

Loyalty programs

Create promotional offers and discounts; add bonuses for loyal customers right through the personal user account.

Affordable equipment

All you need to begin working is a JoinPAY controller and an electronic lock for the refrigerator.

Application for customers

The application allows the customer to find the closest refrigerator using the geolocation and to make purchases.

Extended API

Thanks to the extended API, the owners of the vending networks can integrate the functions of JoinPAY Vending into their systems.

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