Software Package for Android Apps Protection

MST AppGuard is designed to protect Android apps and SDKs from hacking and reverse engineering. Protect code, keys, and data, and detect threats to apps written in Java or Kotlin, as well as Android C / C++ libraries.

What is MST AppGuard?

Android apps are easy to decompile with publicly available tools. This opens the way for various forms of fraud, including theft of intellectual property, collection of credentials, falsification and cloning.

MST AppGuard is a software package that protects Android apps from hacking by encrypting the source code, detecting attacks while the app is running, as well as special security elements.

Advanced apps protection system

Understanding current threats is critical to risk management


MST AppGuard does not allow attackers to break into your source code and change it or extract valuable information from it.

Obfuscation of class names, fields and methods of arithmetic instructions, control flow, native code, and library names, resources, and SDK call methods.

Encryption of classes, strings, assets, resource files, and native libraries.

Insertion of deceptive code patterns that confuse attackers.

Supports all major cryptographic algorithms and modes with FIPS 140-2 certification.

Protection against analysis and hacking

MST AppGuard allows your apps to defend against attacks in real time.

Detection of debugging tools, emulators, rooted devices, frameworks for information interception, and root hiding.

Protects sensitive data stored in the app or transmitted between the app and the server.

SSL pinning and Webview SSL pinning.

Certificates verification.

Advantages of MST AppGuard

Automatically triggers security measures when suspicious activity is detected, including app shutdown, sandbox, or code self-repair.

Transparent integration into the Android app, no need to change your source code.

Extensive customization options that allow you to adapt the protection to your security and performance requirements.

Allows you to implement security features at any stage without interrupting the development lifecycle.

Development stack

MST AppGuard works for apps written in the most popular programming languages and development environments.




Android Studio

Android NDK