Optimization of public transport routes

Using the optimisation service, we propose to identify the existing problems that are present in the current transport network.

About the service

Urban development involves the modernization of the existing public transport network. Increasing demands on the urban environment quality imply changes in approaches to solving urban infrastructure development issues. The development of the urban transport system is one of the important parts of the state policy, as it significantly affects the quality of life in the city. Modernization is necessary to improve service to the population, increase business activity, ensure the economic stability of the city, increase the competitiveness of the city. Existing regulations that are used to build or modify urban transport networks have not been designed to deal with large flows of information about the changing need of residents to move in the city environment.

Transport network optimization services

Optimization of the urban transport network consists of several stages

Evaluation of existing urban transport network

Using the evaluation service we offer to identify existing problems that are present in the current transport network using JoinPAY Transport service developed by us to collect data on passenger traffic. Once the necessary amount of data has been accumulated (the collection must be carried out within a few months), it will be possible to evaluate and judge how effective the current transport network is.

Making changes in existing urban transport network

The second service is designed to make changes in the network based on an already existing evaluation, to increase a single criterion or a group of criteria that affect the quality of the transport network. Some of the main criteria for which calculation and optimization can be performed are:

  • economic
  • geographical
  • temporal

Creation of a new urban transport network

Finally, to create a new transport network, we can perform a comprehensive set of works that will allow you to design a transport network that satisfies a given set of characteristics. Among all the necessary works to be carried out, the most important are:

  • collection and processing of a large number of geo-distributed data sets characterizing the current situation
  • imposition of economic, geographical and temporal factors
  • optimization according to the specified criteria