Automatic QR Code Recognition

A machine vision system for automatic QR and Data Matrix (2D code) recognition.

About the Service

Marking is widespread in all industries. Unique codes assist in identifying a specific product, protect from counterfeiting and low-quality goods, and facilitate accounting, warehousing, and logistics.

Our software solution relies on the machine learning technology and is compatible with a wide range of scanning equipment. It can accurately read QR codes even when the stickers are wrinkled or have vague printing, and can read codes even when scanned at an angle.

The solution is a service that can be integrated with the enterprise's internal software.

Fields of Use

Automatic QR code recognition systems find use in all verticals where controlling and accounting of products and materials matter.



Food industry




Consumer goods



Our system offers workflow optimization and digitalization to save the company's funds.

Performance boost

Automatic QR and Data Matrix recognition increases general effectiveness and reduces downtime.

High-Speed Recognition Ability

The system utilizes machine learning technology.


The system can be integrated with the company's equipment.


All information collected can be sent to the company's internal systems.

Partner with Us

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Step 1

Getting familiar

You describe the task and requirements for the project. If necessary, we sign an NDA.

Step 2

We find a solution

We analyze the tasks and offer solutions, as well as agree on the project plan.

Step 3

We sign an agreement

We discuss the conditions, deadlines, responsible persons, and sign the necessary agreements.

Step 4

Project start

We build methods of communication with the team, and begin the implementation of the project.

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