Business Fintech Services

We offer fintech services for integration into the customer’s infrastructure. Fast integration through API, improvement of the functionality and creation of new ready-made solutions.

Fintech-as-a-Service for business

Over the years of the creation of our own fintech platform, we accumulated vast experience in the payment and business services. So, today, we are willing to share our results by providing separate fintech services. Thanks to our solutions, companies can get new functionality and integrate it into their infrastructure using API. Using our services, companies can implement payments, obtain detailed business analysis, while populating their systems with new data and solving the business tasks.

For whom

Our services are suitable for retailers, marketplaces and aggregators for passenger carriers and delivery services as well as the banks and fintech companies.



Public transport

Airline companies


Delivery services

System integrators

Fintech companies

Services available for integration

The range of services available for integration is very wide. It includes not only the payment services, but also analysis services, loyalty programs, inventory accounting services, and also special services for various business industries.


SoftPOS integration into the mobile applications, as well as White Label SoftPOS.

Internet acquiring

Integration of payment templates, invoicing, refundability. Complete control of transactions.

Merchant acquiring

Scenarios of work for various industries, detailed information on each transaction, reputable partner bank.

Faster payments system

Direct FPS integration into the website, service or mobile application. Invoicing using the FPS.

Payments in the mobile applications

Integrate various types of payments into the applications: bank cards, e-commerce, FPS.

Recurrent payments

Creation of subscriptions to products and services enabling to pay through the internet acquiring and through the FPS.

Loyalty systems

Creation of loyalty programs with the bonus system and the ability to issue virtual cards.

The chatbot of the system

Creation of chatbots for effective business interaction with the customers.

Services for the self-employed workers

Enabling of trade acquiring, SoftPOS with inventory accounting feature, loyalty systems.

Payment analysis

Full information on the transaction flow, as well as the business analysis by the given parameters and big data.

Payments in transport

All the tools necessary for cash and cashless payments in any type of public transport.

Issuance of transport cards

Connection and issuance of electronic travel and transport cards. Flexible settings of travel payments and maintenance of passengers register.

Payments on board of aircraft

Acceptance of cash and cashless payments on board of aircraft, complete statistics by transactions, aircraft, flight attendants and products sold.

Inventory accounting

Inventory-accounting features for services and mobile applications. Creation and export of points of sale, catalog of products and services.


Electronic tips on the website or in an application. Complete statistics by users and payments.

Why us

SoftPOS is a brand new payment solution that is suitable for any business and does not require heavy maintenance and support expenses.

Functional API

Our services have a wide API that enables to send all the required information to the external systems. Therefore, a customer can integrate services into their infrastructure and receive all the data required.

Proprietary code base

During the development of our services, we do not use any third-party solutions. Proprietary code base enables to improve functionality in accordance with the customer’s requirements. This enables to achieve maximum flexibility of our services.

High-class specialists

Our developers have practical knowledge of the development of the most complex software in various business industries and can solve even the most complex and non-routine tasks.

Fail safety

We are aware that the availability of services is very important to our customers because in our infrastructure we use a cluster that survives drop-out of any server or even several servers.

Our partners

Our partners are reliable and have a flawless reputation, so you can feel secure about the operating capacity of our services.

Stages of services enabling

We can perform any separate stage or build a full-cycle neural network model.

Stage 1

We get to know the business, study its problems

We think through the essence of the business and determine the list of tasks.

Stage 2

We find a solution to the business task

We analyze the problems and suggest solutions.

Stage 3

We sign the contract

We talk terms and sign the relevant contracts.

Stage 4

We integrate the services

We provide API and assistance with integration, whenever necessary.

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