GPU Server Rent

We offer high-performance virtual graphic processing unit servers for machine learning, 3D graphics, video rendering, and complex scientific calculations.

About the Service

MST Company offers a service for renting a GPU server to solve problems that require increased computing power. We offer virtual servers based on NVIDIA® RTX 3090 Ti GPUs for rent.

The RTX 3090 GPUs are based on the powerful Ampere architecture and the enhanced RTX hardware ray tracing platform. Each accelerator has 328 tensor cores, 10496 CUDA cores and 24 GB of VRAM.

Our team is ready to help you with a consultation, and can also help you configure a virtual server specifically for your task. It will not be difficult for us to understand the required technology and adapt to your requirements.

Tasks Solved

The scope of GPU servers covers all applications where serious computing power is necessary.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Neural network training acceleration, algorithm acceleration. GPU servers are great at classifying a large amount of images, voice recognition, and any other tasks related to neural networks.

High Performance Computing (HPC, CUDA)

Solve problems that require serious computing power, and perform complex parallel calculations.

Graphics and video processing

Get outstanding performance on the most demanding 3D graphics, video and rendering applications.

How to Rent a GPU Server

Leave a request for renting a GPU server, describe your task, and we will help you choose the configuration that will be optimal for your project.

Step 1

Getting familiar

You describe the task and the desired result. If necessary, we sign an NDA.

Step 2

Configuration selection

We analyze the task and offer the optimal configuration to solve it.

Step 3

We sign an agreement

We discuss the conditions, appoint responsible persons, and sign the necessary agreements.

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