Service and maintenance of terminal equipment

MST Company provides a service for comprehensive technical support of bank payment terminals, pin-pads, online cash desks, communication equipment and software used to organize acquiring services for retail and service outlets.

A variety of services is included

Maintaining the exchange fund of terminal equipment.
Survey of the place for organizing acquiring services (selection of a technical solution, communication channel, etc.).
Installation and connection of terminal equipment to the communication structure of a sales and service point, installation of transactional software.
Instruction of payment terminals users, creation of technical documentation for users.
Comprehensive training of the personnel of trade and service points on the rules for accepting payment cards for payment (training is conducted at the training centers of our Company).
Consulting support of trade and service points.
Elimination of technical incidents with terminal and transactional equipment and software.
Formation of a replacement fund of accessories (batteries, charging cables and power supplies, brackets, covers, etc.).
Cloud portal for accounting of terminal equipment and incident management.
Allocation of personal managers for prompt resolution of organizational issues.

Why us?

MST is a reliable partner in the field of terminal networks maintenance and has a number of key advantages.


MST has many years of experience in servicing large networks of terminal equipment.


All applications are registered in the web interface or direct integration with the service platform.


We ensure strict compliance with SLA on weekends and non-working days, as well as at remote locations.


We provide service throughout the Russian Federation under a single contract.

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