JoinTMS Terminal Management System

A scalable cloud-based TMS system that allows the Bank to remotely manage multiple of its POS terminals with JoinPOS software installed.

  • Browser-based: JoinTMS operates through a browser, providing a thin client interface for convenient access and management.
  • Server Installation: The system can be installed on the bank's servers, ensuring control and data security within the bank's infrastructure.
  • Multi-Brand Terminal Support: JoinTMS supports terminals from different brands, allowing banks to manage terminals of various models within a single interface.

The implementation of JoinTMS allows

Reducing operating

The bank gains the ability to operate a fleet of equipment from different brands within a unified system, significantly reducing the resource costs of engineering and technical services. It also allows for more efficient and faster deployment of new equipment.

Increasing equipment configuration speed

Thanks to the intuitive interface of JoinTMS, engineering teams can reconfigure terminals in a matter of minutes. All configurations are saved as presets, allowing for updating the terminal network with just 4 clicks. The pre-validation of configurations helps prevent errors during the configuration process.

Scaling effectively within the company

Developed company management system, allows you to effectively manage the network of terminal equipment located in different cities or countries. Every office or subdivision can access either to its own terminal segment or to the company's terminal network.

Everything you need

Equipment fleet management.

Merchant management.

Access rights management.

Equipment configuration management.

User management.

Log management.

Support for various equipment types.

Application management.

Company structure management.

Supported equipment


—WizarPOS Q1

—WizarPOS Q2

—WizarPOS Q3






—Feitan F20

—Feitan T20


—Valitek FULL

—Valitek LITE

Is your equipment not listed?

We can support almost any equipment for use with JoinTMS! To support new equipment, we require two device samples and the complete SDK from the manufacturer.

Terminal management

JoinTMS provides a convenient yet simple interface for managing a network of terminals. All actions are performed by simply selecting the necessary parameters. A convenient filter makes it easy to search and sort by many different parameters. And mass action helps to minimize and simplify monotonous work as much as possible.

When saving the terminal list, the validation system checks multiple scripts to avoid duplicate or incorrect parameter entries. Thus it is possible to reduce the human factor in the configuration of the terminal network.

Working with configurations

Terminal configuration is one of the most important parts of any terminal management system. JoinTMS provides a wide range of features for managing terminal configurations.

JoinTMS allows you to create configuration presets from a list of parameters. In this way, company engineers can create hotel presets for a particular merchant or group of merchants. Furthermore, they can dynamically adjust parameters during ongoing operations.

Each parameter has its own format and detailed description, which facilitates the creation of presets and reduces the likelihood of errors.


JoinTMS allows users to upload their own software packages or utilize pre-installed versions of JoinPOS software, which automatically updates.

Each downloadable software package, can be available for the entire company, as well as for individual departments.

Older versions of software that are not in use are moved to the Archive and are not displayed in the general list. If necessary, they can be brought back to the main section.

Company structure management

JoinTMS allows the addition of an unlimited number of legal entities (companies), which can be further divided into departments (offices). This capability enables the creation of multiple separate terminal networks within a company using JoinTMS.

JoinTMS has a wide range of possibilities to work with the users of the system. In addition, the built-in rights editor allows you to create your own roles for users, or use pre-defined ones. Assignment of rights is carried out within one or more companies, also subdivisions.

Fault tolerance

The payment industry imposes stringent requirements for the resilience of services and data integrity. To ensure continuous operation of our frontend servers, we employ load balancers, while our backend servers utilize database clusters. This setup allows the service to remain operational even in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as server hardware failures or communication channel outages.

Depending on customer requirements, service redundancy can be spread across multiple data centers.

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