Computer Vision

Our company will help you automate processes, speed up and simplify the solution of business tasks using Computer Vision technologies.


Computer Vision (CV) is a field of artificial intelligence that is responsible for the analysis of images and videos. Computer Vision systems are ways to recognize and classify images, track the position of objects on video, and recognize gestures and text.

Our company will help you automate processes, speed up and simplify the solution of business tasks using Computer Vision technologies. We provide the full range of CV services: from extracting real-time data from video and images to the implementation of individual neural network architectures that help solve tasks. We are always happy to give advice and help with the implementation of your project.


The scope of computer vision is very large. We can use it in any areas of business where optimization and automation of processes is necessary.


Controlling the availability of goods in stock, calculating the conversion from an offline store visitor to a buyer, reducing queues, optimizing the number of consultants in the hall, creating a store heat map, and analyzing the display of goods.

Banking sector

In the financial arena, computer vision is often used to assist security by analyzing CCTV footage or providing access to certain areas of a building.


In production, Computer Vision helps to detect defects, monitor compliance with safety regulations, and also control compliance with production standards.


The primary application of Computer Vision in medicine is the analysis of medical images (X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc.) to identify pathologies.


Assistance in detecting damaged products, identifying diseases of plants and animals. This technology also facilitates remote monitoring of animal behavior, etc.


Computer Vision is not limited to the categories presented. You can always contact us for advice on your unique task.

Business tasks that we can solve

We develop all types of applications and also work with big data.

Recognition and classification

  • QR codes detection in streaming video;
  • recognition of goods and prices from register receipts;
  • sign language analysis.


  • emotion recognition;
  • finding defects in products;
  • isolation of objects on satellite images.


  • recording violations of zone access restrictions;
  • counting the number of passengers in transport;
  • detection of abnormal behavior.

Our Tools

We have practical knowledge of all the most popular libraries, frameworks and programming languages.








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Step 2

We find a solution

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Step 4

Project start

We build methods of communication with the team, and begin the implementation of the project.

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