SoftPOS White Label

One of the most advanced SoftPOS solutions in the market is available through the Whitelabel model. We carry out ready-made installation into the company’s inner circuit. We support and improve the features according to customers’ requirements.

What is in the package

On the outside, the solution includes three main parts: Personal user account, SoftPOS application, and B2C application. However, the outside part is only the tip of the iceberg below which there is a high-tech backend with its own payment core, pre-processing and many other technical services.

SoftPOS Application

SoftPOS (Tap To Phone) is an application that turns an Android smartphone into a full-featured online cash register. All cashiers, points of sale, goods and loyalty programs created in the personal user account are automatically uploaded into SoftPOS.

Personal user account

A personal user account is designed for the merchants. The business is managed there. The merchant adds cashiers, points of sale, fills the product catalog and creates loyalty programs and obtains the full sales analysis.

B2C Application

B2C JoinPAY application is created specifically for the purchasers (customers of the merchant). It includes loyalty programs, discounts, virtual storefronts with goods and subscriptions for the goods created by the merchant in a personal user account.

Why SoftPOS

SoftPOS is a brand new payment solution that is suitable for any business and does not require heavy maintenance and support expenses.

Accepts various types of payments

Our solution will enable you to accept bank cards as well as payments through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and cash payments and Faster Payments System (FPS) in compliance with Federal Law.

Start in the other countries

Thanks to the well-designed architecture of the solution, it can be started in virtually any country of the world. And the proprietary payment core enables to support the local payment systems.

Not only the payments

Our solution includes not only payments but also business features, inventory accounting, loyalty system, business analysis, and many more. Your customers will not have to buy many services in different places. All that is needed is available from the personal user account, straight «out of the box».

It helps to save

Unlike the POS terminals and online cash registers, you do not need to purchase equipment and carry out its maintenance service, because the customers use their own smartphones as a payment device.

For whom

SoftPOS is a brand new payment solution that is suitable for any business and does not require heavy maintenance and support expenses.


IT behemoths

Systems integrators

Fintech companies


While developing the SoftPOS solution, we provide a wide range of features without overloading the user interfaces. Such an approach enables the users to quickly understand the principles of work without recourse to extensive guides.

Personal user account

The following business processes are managed through the personal user account: addition of cashiers, points of sale, products, management of loyalty, human resources, terminals, preparation of reports, and many more. Also, the personal user account displays online detailed information about all transactions.

— Payments analytics;

— Inventory accounting;

— Human resources management;

— Merchants management;

— Loyalty system;

— Automated reports.

SoftPOS Application

SoftPOS (Tap To Phone) is an application that turns an ordinary Android smartphone into a full-featured replacement of an online cash register. There are only two simple conditions: the Android 7 version or higher and the availability of an NFC module.

Our application enables to honor bank cards, NFC devices (smartphones, smartwatch, fitness trackers, etc.), cash and faster payments system (FPS).

Note that the SoftPOS application developed by us has a wast complex features, such as product catalog, agency payments, issue of virtual bank cards for the self-employed workers, loyalty system, and many more.

B2C application

B2C application is created for the purchasers (customers of the merchant). In this application, the purchasers can join the loyalty programs, and also see the history of their purchases.

In the second half of the year 2021, the following features will become available to the purchasers: the issue of bank debit cards, purchase of products through the application, and subscription to the products and services of the merchants.

Inventory accounting

Inventory accounting is one of the important components of our solution. In the personal user account, a merchant can create a catalog of products and services with a free structure and any inclusion of categories.

The created catalog of products will be automatically loaded to the cashiers’ smartphones with the SоftPOS application installed there.

Points of sale

Our solution enables to work with many points of sale. All you have to do is create the needed number of points of sale with a different range of products in the personal user account. In this case, the price of the same product can be different depending on the point of sale where it will be sold.

Also, the personal user account includes the option to attach SoftPOS to a specific point of sale. So, each cashier sees the product catalog of the very point of sale where the cashier works.

Loyalty system

The loyalty systems are created in the personal user account. After that, they will be automatically uploaded to our B2C application, through which the purchasers can connect to the loyalty programs of any merchant.

After the purchaser becomes a participant of the loyalty program, a special QR code will be generated, which they will display at the merchant’s cashier desk. In turn, the merchant will read the QR code using the SoftPOS application. After that, the merchant will see the information on the purchaser and will be able to debit or credit loyalty points.

The loyalty system enables to increase the average purchase amount and to attract new customers. In addition, regular discounts give the regular customers a reason for coming more often and inviting their friends.

Business analysis

Information on all the products sold and the transactions performed is transferred automatically to the personal user account. The data accumulated enables you to understand how well the business goes as a whole and how its individual components work. For example, a merchant can assess how profitable each point of sale, an individual cashier or the SoftPOS is. Monitor the average purchase amount, the number of products in the check, the number of products sold, and many more.

In addition, a merchant has information about all customers who use the B2C application. Those data enable them to understand their target customers better.


Our solution supports 7 languages. On a customer’s demand, a product can be translated into any language within 2 weeks.









In accordance with Federal Law, all entrepreneurs who engage in trade are to send sales receipts to the tax service. We have implemented support of the external fiscal printer for the fiscalization of payments in our SoftPOS application.

Our SoftPOS solution supports the PRIM 05-F and PRIM 06-F fiscal printers produced by «Iskra», one of the leading cash register equipment manufacturers in Russia. PRIM series fiscal data printers are cheap, reliable, and print faster.

Consequently, a full-fledged workplace of a cashier costs at most 150 USD, which is significantly cheaper than using an online cash desk.

Service and installation

This SoftPOS is our completely proprietary solution. This is why we are willing to take on all the installation processes, as well as commissioning, further maintenance and improvement of the functionality.

Three-fold redundancy

The payment industry has very strict requirements for fail-safety services and data integrity. To ensure uninterrupted operation of the Frontend servers, we use the load balancers and database clusters in the case of the Backend servers. Therefore, the service will keep operating in case of an emergency (failure of the server hardware, telecommunication lines breakdown).

Given the requirements of a customer, the service redundancy can be distributed among several data centers.

Support of various terminal protocols

Our solution supports the most popular terminal protocols, such as Compass Plus (TiTP and TpTp), Smartvista, Openway, Tieto, ACI Wordline, 3CardF. Support of those protocols provides for a very quick connection to banking processing around the world.

We should also note that the solution enables to work with several protocols at once. The protocol selection is carried out through the SoftPOS configuration file.

EMV payment core

The company’s proprietary payment core has full EMV 4.3 specification support. It supports the work with the contact and contactless cards of the most popular payment systems (MasterCard, VISA, MIR), and the tokenized cards on the devices with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Mir Pay support.

Unlike the solutions that use the cores of the payment systems, our solution enables to promptly support the new payment systems, thus ensuring a smooth start of the SoftPOS solution in the markets with local payment systems.

Proprietary pre-processing

Our pre-processing combines the functionality of PSP and IPSP, which enables to process the payments from both the classic ground acquiring and the payments made through the internet acquiring and the faster payments system (FPS).

Work with several PCs offers the possibility to be in better commercial conditions and use the advanced transactions processing patterns, thus increasing the return of the terminals network from the acceptance of the payment.

API for integration with the external services

Our solution has a wide API that enables to send all the required information to the external systems. Therefore, a customer can integrate the solution into their infrastructure and receive data on the transactions, users, products, loyalty programs, etc.


The API of our SoftPOS application enables to call its payment functions from the third-party applications.

In such a case, both the main application and the SoftPOS are installed on the user’s smartphone. When a payment is demanded, the main application will call SoftPOS through API, following which the payment process and its result will be displayed in the main application without opening the SoftPOS.


For SoftPOS to be fully in line with your brand, we provide the branding service. The colors of all components of the personal user account and applications will be changed to the colors of the brand. In addition to that, fonts and graphic elements can be also changed.

All branding works will be carried out in strict compliance with the customer’s brand book.

Maintenance service

We did not use any third-party products in the development of our solution. Such an approach enables us to improve the features of the solution to meet the customer’s needs as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our team of developers has great expertise and experience in the creation of high-load payment services. We are willing to take on all technical support and improvement of the platform. Do your business without thinking about the technical processes.

Maxim Bornovolokov

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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