Cloud IoT monitoring for business

KEEM is a software and hardware system that is designed to monitor a wide variety of parameters on your equipment in industrial and residential rooms, as well as in the field.

KEEM Benefits

Ease of implementation

Installation of equipment, as a rule, does not require much time, and the service itself is in the cloud, so you do not need to expand your own infrastructure.


Your objects can be located anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the Internet. You can connect objects to the service gradually, scaling your own network as it is convenient for you.

Any equipment

We can support your equipment to work with our service, or find highly specialized equipment for your project. We also provide an advanced API.

КЕЕМ solving various of tasks

Remote monitoring of objects

Prevention of failures and emergencies

Reducing energy consumption

Collecting and storing of telemetry data

Remote control of equipment

Spheres of application

Thanks to a large selection of equipment and flexible configuration, the KEEM monitoring service can be used in almost all areas of business.


Monitoring of ATM networks, server room monitoring, control over electricity consumption in bank offices.

Housing and communal services

Automatic meter reading of water meters, gas and electricity. Remote control of valves and boilers.


Control over the power consumption of retail outlets. Monitoring of the microclimate in warehouses.

Industrial enterprises

Monitoring various parameters of any technological processes in the shops and open production lines.


Remote monitoring of livestock farms. Control of production lines.


Monitoring of data centers and server rooms.

KEEM features

Objects on the map

Under the development process of our cloud monitoring service, we tried to provide all the necessary functionality, and at the same time not forgetting about the convenience and appearance. For example, for a more comfortable viewing and quick search of objects, all of them are displayed on a large interactive map.

Object Management

The monitoring section contains all objects connected to the system, which you can combine into the groups. For example, if you have a Data Center with several server rooms, then you can create a group called "Data Center" and add each server room to this group. So you get the structure, which is necessary for your business.

Sensors Management

Each object connected to the KEEM system can have an arbitrary number of various IoT sensors. Each sensor has a large number of settings, where you can set appearance of the sensor, its limits, as well as adjust the notifications. If your object have a large number of sensors, they can be divided into arbitrary groups. Groups of sensors allow you to organize the workspace as it is convenient for you.

Notifications and Reports

In any emergency situations, a user gets browser notifications that shows where exactly an accident has happened, and which sensor parameters went beyond the normal range. Also, information about each accident can be found in the notification section. All this information available for making reports.