Road Accidents Reduction

A software system that analyzes dangerous road sections and provides recommendations for reducing accidents by improving road infrastructure.

About the service

Accidents on the roads remain an important problem in our country: in 2019, 16,981 people died in road accidents on the roads of Russia. According to WHO, Russia is among the 10 countries with the highest number of road accidents, and the number of road accidents per 100 thousand people is several times higher than in Western Europe. Experts estimate annual economic losses from road accidents at 2% of GDP.

Building a comfortable urban environment is impossible without ensuring the safety of road users. A common cause of road accidents is implicit defects in road infrastructure, the timely identification and elimination of which will significantly reduce the accident rate on dangerous road sections.

Services to reduce accidents on the roads

We conduct a number of studies aimed at preventing accidents and improving the road situation in general.

Analysis of the current state of accidents in the region

We provide an analysis system based on historical data on road accidents in the region, as well as data on road infrastructure, traffic jams, weather, etc. The analysis shows hazardous road sections and allows identifying road infrastructure shortcomings that affect the risk of an accident.

Predicting the risk of accidents on specified road sections

An AI-based system that predicts the risk of an accident on a specific road section in a given period of time. The system can be used to build the safest routes for public transport.

Identification of implicit causes of accidents and recommendations for accidents reduction

Based on the accident analysis and forecasting systems, we have developed a recommendation system that finds implicit shortcomings of the road infrastructure and indicates possible ways to eliminate them. You can use the system both to reduce accidents on existing road sections, and in the design of new road infrastructure facilities.