Сloud JoinTMS Release

In order to provide maximum convenience for banks that use terminal equipment based on JoinPOS software in combination with JoinTMS (POS terminal management System (TMS)), MST presents two new solutions.

In the new release, the use of the «thick client» was discarded and now JoinTMS is delivered as a «thin client». The web service is based on the Django framework developed in Python programming language. PostgreSQL is used as a database. All developed modules are allocated in separate containers built based on Podman, which allows to easily deploy the developed solution In-House. In this case, the service is also installed in the internal perimeter of the bank.

Moreover, JoinTMS can be used as a cloud service (SAAS), so the bank transfers capital expenses (CAPEX) to operating expenses (OPEX). To start using the service, just log in to your personal account using a secure connection. MST observes all obligations for fault tolerance and security of the service in strict accordance with the SLA.

At the same time, JoinTMS has retained all the previous functionality and still is a powerful and flexible solution that allows users to manage the acquiring network and make changes to software settings through a friendly web interface.