JoinPOS is certified for compliance with the 3CardF POS terminal protocol

Specialists of MST Company have successfully completed the certification of cross-platform software for JoinPOS payment terminals and smart cash registers for compliance with the 3CardF POS protocol implemented in the 3CARD processing solution of the Software Systems and Technologies Company. Now all the Company’s payment solutions implemented based on the JoinPAY fintech platform, as well as banks operating on the 3CARD solution can use JoinPOS.

JoinPAY is a fintech platform not only for banking and retail, but also for the transport industry solutions (accepting payments in public transport, railway, air and subway), and vending.

JoinPOS - Certified software can run on Vanstone (Aisino), NewPOS, BITEL, SSZT, NewLand, WizarPOS POS terminals, as well as various other POS terminals using Linux or Android operating systems. Thus, banks working with 3CARD will now be able to accept any payments through their own network of terminals with the JoinPOS software installed and managed by the cloud-based JoinTMS.

Successfully completed certification allowed us to establish strong relationships with the Sinara financial group to implement payment projects.

Maxim Bornovolokov

General Director of MST Company