Joincore Gets Certified by MIR Payment System

In one of our recent blog post, we told you about our whole-new EMV core, JoinCORE. A few months later, today, we are proud to announce that our JoinCORE has been successfully tested for compliance with the MIR payment system's standards. Testing consisted of two large stages. During the first one, the core was tested on the vendor's side. At the second stage, the test stand was handed over to the National Payment Card System for certification tests. Each of the stages comprised over 1,000 compliance tests.

To conclude we'd like to say that JoinCORE has a flexible architecture that offers compatibility with equipment based on Windows/Linux (x86-64), Android (ARM), Elbrus (E2K), and Baikal (ARM). And C++ allows porting the core to almost any platform, while the modular architecture of JoinCORE is open to quick integration of any payment systems—which can be a great advantage in local markets.