Implementing Cross-Platform Software for Payment Terminals in AgroPromBank

Client Overview

ZAO AgroPromBank

AgroPromBank is the largest bank in Transnistria, a region in Moldova.


MST has successfully executed a project to implement payment solutions for AgroPromBank, the largest financial institution in Transnistria since its establishment in 1991.

Today, AgroPromBank is recognized as a high-tech universal bank providing a variety of payment solutions for businesses, including merchant acquiring services, with an equipment fleet exceeding 3,000 devices.

The implemented products include:

  1. JoinPOS: Cross-platform software for payment terminals.
  2. JoinTMS: Terminal management system.
  3. iRKL: Remote cryptographic key loading system.
  4. JoinProto: Cash register protocol for integration with fiscal cash registers.
  5. JoinCore: EMV kernel.

MST has a history of comprehensive payment technology implementations for banks' acquiring networks, and this project is no exception.

Here’s a detailed overview:


AgroPromBank uses BPC’s processing solution, SmartVista, which follows the ISO8583 POS Trickle Feed protocol. To ensure compatibility, we certified JoinPOS for the required operations including:

  • Purchase
  • Pre-Authorization (including incremental)
  • Pre-Authorization Completion
  • Purchase with cashback
  • Return/Refund
  • Balance Inquire
  • Cash advance
  • POS Cash Deposit
  • Check card (for integration)
  • Pin Change/ Pin Change confirm

The certification process with BPC was swift, taking about a month, and confirmed JoinPOS's compatibility with SmartVista.

Additional bank-specific customizations for JoinPOS included:

Installments (BNPL - Buy now pay later).

Implemented by transmitting the Service ID in Purchase transactions to apply installment plans.

Multi Merchant.

Support for multiple virtual terminals on a single physical terminal, each with unique TMK/TAK/TPK keys.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).

Receipts show both the original and the authorized transaction amounts and currencies.

Support for Local Payment System Clevel.

Due to the custom EMV kernel, supporting a new payment system was straightforward.

AISINO A90 Terminal Support.

Integration with the AISINO A90 terminals involved obtaining the SDK, developer firmware, and other service products from the manufacturer.

Bundles are also implemented:

  1. JoinPOS: Cross-platform software for payment terminals.
  2. JoinCore: EMV kernel.


JoinTMS, the terminal management system, met all of the bank's requirements without needing additional modifications.

It’s delivered as a Docker image, simplifying deployment, updates, and maintenance, requiring only a container runtime environment (Docker, Podman, Kubernetes).

The system uses two security certificates: one for loading an individual terminal certificate, and another for parameterization tasks.


The remote key loading service, iRKL, can be supplied as a standalone service or integrated with JoinTMS, as it was in this project. MST opted to use the Keyblock format for key storage, adhering to PCI's PIN Security Requirement 18-3. Keyblock technology ensures cryptographic binding of keys, enhancing security.

Keyblock implementation has been rolled out in three major phases over the last four years:

Stage 1 Internal Key Blocks: For internal connections and storage within service provider environments (effective June 1, 2019).

Stage 2 External Key Blocks: For external network connections (effective June 1, 2021).

Stage 3 POS and ATM Key Blocks: For distribution to all payment devices (effective June 1, 2023).


AgroPromBank is developing its own cash register program, and JoinProto was included to support extensive payment and service command functionalities.


We extend our gratitude to AgroPromBank for their trust in MST. Their satisfaction is reflected in a commendation letter, and we have already embarked on several new fintech projects together.

Отзыв заказчика

«Благодаря внедрению системы JoinPAY «Транспорт», резиденты Бизнес Парка «Деловой Квартал» деловой квартал получили возможность оплачивать проезд наличными средствами, банковскими картами, а также при помощи QR-кодов. В свою очередь управляющий персонал может контролировать все платежи через личный кабинет и автоматически формировать всю необходимую отчетность».

Отзыв клиента

В июле 2019 года компания ООО «Аэро-Трейд» искала подрядчика для выполнения работ по внедрению системы безналичной оплаты товаров самолетах авиакомпании «AZUR air». После тщательного изучения рынка, мы решили обратиться для реализации данного проекта в компанию ООО «МСТ Компани». Основной задачей было обеспечить каждый борт авиакомпании «AZUR air» терминалом, который сможет принимать платежи не только на земле, но и во время полёта.

В течении всего времени нашего сотрудничества, специалисты ООО «МСТ Компани» продемонстрировали отличные профессиональные навыки при подготовке проекта, и разработке документации. В результате мы получили гибкое и надёжное решение, которое удовлетворяет нашим требованиям.

По итогам работы с компанией ООО «МСТ Компани» хочется отметить соблюдение принципов делового партнерства, а также четкое соблюдение сроков работ и выполнение взятых на себя обязательств. ООО «Аэро-Трейд» выражает благодарность специалистам компании за проделанную работу в рамках внедрения системы безналичной оплаты на самолетах авиакомпании «AZUR air». И рекомендует компанию ООО «МСТ Компани» как надёжного партнёра в области платёжных решений.