Acceptance of cashless payments in Nur Sultan city buses

The transport project has been successfully finished in Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan). MST Company’s task was to ensure acceptance of bank cards of global payment technology company MasterCard. The pilot project on paying for public transit rides with MasterCard cards started on December 18 on one of the Nur-Sultan routes which covers the Bus 32’s travel path (90 tenges per ride).

To execute the project, we had to certify cross-platform payment software JoinPOS in adherence to the requirements of TranzWare POS Terminal Protocol (TPTP) ver. 5.24 implemented in TranzWare Online Compass PLUS. Moreover, we needed to provide support of the Kazakh language and make a set of adjustments to the distribution package according to the workflow requirements.

After that, we integrated ForteBank with our payment service provider (JoinPSP). We chose ForteBank as it has been operating in the banking services market for more than 20 years, being one of the Kazakhstan’s major banks.

It was the active position of our colleagues from the Bank that helped finish the technological integration at a great pace. After that, we trained the Bank employees to handle JoinTMS (terminal management system) that controls the network of POS terminals installed on buses. Our fellows highly appraised the platform’s convenience and innovativeness.

To ensure easy installation of POS terminals on buses, we improved a mount bracket that now has several planes of freedom that allows for more passenger-friendly positioning of terminals.

A significant stage was related to ensuring transmission of bank transactions to IS Telecom’s integration bus. Speaking of, IS Telecom was the key project integrator that, jointly with Kazakh partner Citymobility, encompassed all the project’s solutions. As a result, Nur-Sultan now enjoys a cutting-edge and handy public transit ride payment method.

Astana LRT was established in April, 2011under the Department of Passenger Transport and Highways of Astana in accordance with the Decree of the Mayor’s Office of Astana. “Astana LRT” LLP consists of three branches – Center for Transport Operators of Astana, Competency Center for Transport Experts of Astana, and Service for Transport Control. In addition, “Аstana LRT” LLP conducts transport research, analysis of the city road network, passenger flow, flows correspondence with the involvement of international consultants of the leading companies.

MST company develops and implements various payment solutions for all business areas. The key areas of the company are: creation of cross-platform software for POS-terminals, development of ERP systems for transport, acquiring solutions for retail, work with large data sets (big data) and neural networks, as well as the sale of payment equipment.

ForteBank JSC – is one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan established in 2015 as a result of the merger of Alliance Bank JSC, Temirbank JSC and ForteBank JSC. The Bank is present in all regions and cities of Kazakhstan. ForteBank JSC is a modern, technologically advanced Bank that provides each customer with the largest possible range of banking services of high quality and reliability, following international standards and principles of corporate ethics.

Mastercard is a tech company operating in the global payment industry. Mastercard operates the world's fastest payment processing network that connects consumers, financial institutions, trade organizations, government and business entities in more than 210 countries and territories. Mastercard products and solutions make everyday tasks such as shopping, traveling, doing business, and managing finances easier, safer, and more efficient.

Отзыв клиента

В июле 2019 года компания ООО «Аэро-Трейд» искала подрядчика для выполнения работ по внедрению системы безналичной оплаты товаров самолетах авиакомпании «AZUR air». После тщательного изучения рынка, мы решили обратиться для реализации данного проекта в компанию ООО «МСТ Компани». Основной задачей было обеспечить каждый борт авиакомпании «AZUR air» терминалом, который сможет принимать платежи не только на земле, но и во время полёта.

В течении всего времени нашего сотрудничества, специалисты ООО «МСТ Компани» продемонстрировали отличные профессиональные навыки при подготовке проекта, и разработке документации. В результате мы получили гибкое и надёжное решение, которое удовлетворяет нашим требованиям.

По итогам работы с компанией ООО «МСТ Компани» хочется отметить соблюдение принципов делового партнерства, а также четкое соблюдение сроков работ и выполнение взятых на себя обязательств. ООО «Аэро-Трейд» выражает благодарность специалистам компании за проделанную работу в рамках внедрения системы безналичной оплаты на самолетах авиакомпании «AZUR air». И рекомендует компанию ООО «МСТ Компани» как надёжного партнёра в области платёжных решений.