Statistical Analysis of Customer Data

Statistical data analysis is the research of a large array of customer data to detect patterns, the use of which, in the end, will improve the efficiency of doing business

Primary stages of data analysis

Stage 1

Preparing the source data

Preparation of the initial «raw» data - clustering, filtering, detection and elimination (or, if possible, restoration) of missing values, selection of feature vectors, data reduction in a convenient form for further analysis.

Stage 2

Standard analysis

Standard analysis-calculation of moments of random variables of the first few orders, calculation of medians, calculation of variances, construction of correlation and regression relations between different values, reduction of data to a convenient tabular representation.

Stage 3

Expanded analysis

Are (some or all of them together): descriptive analysis, factor analysis, relationship analysis, discriminant analysis, predictive analysis, time series analysis.

Stage 4

Visualization and report

The analysis data is visualized and a report is prepared, based on which the manager can make an informed decision about changing the business processes of the enterprise to improve its efficiency.