MST Cloud

We provide services of cloud computing with the IaaS model (Infrastructure as a Service) - access to a virtual pool of resources, such as virtual servers and disk space.

About MST Cloud

Today it's difficult to imagine a business that cares about the reputation, brand awareness and doesn't use information technology inside the company. Growth in computing and data storage requirements is increasing every year, as well as requirements for security and data protection. And with the development and growth of business, requirements for the quality and quantity of IT infrastructure and staff skills are increasing too. And as a result, the company has high capital costs for the maintenance and development of IT infrastructure (CAPEX).

In particular, to solve the problems we talked above, we developed the MST Cloud solution. Our solution is a cloud infrastructure that allows you to save financial resources on support and operation of servers and telecommunications equipment. Using MST Cloud your capital costs go into operating ones (OPEX).

We offering a wide range of services, including assistance in transferring your infrastructure and its proper placement in the cloud. Our team has specialists from all areas of information technology. And with our help you will be able to quickly and efficiently launch your services in the cloud.

Pros of cloud IaaS computing

  • reduction of maintenance and servicing costs (saving up to 40%);
  • flexibility in selecting required resources and ease of setup;
  • availability of services from anywhere in the world;
  • preparation of cloud infrastructure for launching new services and projects takes minimal time.

Advantages of MST Cloud


We are built on the basis of a data center with a Tier 3 fault tolerance level, which ensures that planned works (like repair, replacement of components and preventive technical work) is carried out without shutting down servers. Idle time in a year is no more than 1.6 hours (99.982%).


We use modern, high-tech, reliable and powerful servers and telecommunications equipment. Only enterprise class solutions of well-known brands like IBM, HP, DELL. These manufacturers are used in the most advanced servers.

Technical Security

We will help to protect your services from DDOS attacks, DNS cache poisoning, phishing and many other threats. Our servers are protected from the occurrence of fire, power outages and data loss because of hard drives failure. We have developed a monitoring system supports all kinds of sensors, which will allow you to monitor the state of your servers equipment by yourself.

Modern air conditioning system maintains optimum temperature to ensure a highest performance of your equipment. Precision air conditioners are connected under the scheme N+1. Cold corridor and raised floor provide accurate and stable temperature readings.

Automated monitoring of climatic parameters provides on-line control of temperature, humidity, smoke and leakage. In case of emergency situations, the system instantly sends notifications, allows you to quickly respond to any changes.

Legal security

We provide all documentation for legal entities, including certificates of conformity and licenses. Our server hardware is located on the territory of the Russian Federation, and meets all requirements of the Russian Federal Law №152 for the storage of personal data, as well as the Russian Federal Law №242.


The company employs highly qualified specialists in all areas of IT, who are regularly certified for validation of professional knowledge. Therefore, we can both create an IT infrastructure for your business from scratch, and carry out support of your current infrastructure. а Also we assist in transferring your services to the MSTCloud.

  • For Banks

    Increasing the speed of resource allocation for implementation of new projects and tasks. And as a result, the ability to quickly respond to requirements of your business and support its development.
  • For Manufacturing companies

    Placement of IT systems on the fail-safe cloud platform MST Cloud, allows to reducing IT infrastructure costs due to the abandonment of data center rental services and equipment maintenance.
  • For Online stores

    Uninterrupted operation of IT systems in a safe and secure environment, abandonment of hosting providers' services.

Additional services

VDS/VPS (Virtual Dedicated Server/Virtual Private Server) is a logically separate server on a physical server. On the same physical server can be located several virtual ones. We use KVM technology for easy server management. An intuitive control panel gives convenience and ease of use, and also you don't need a huge amount of knowledge to support and servers management.

  • We store data in Russia, according to Federal Law №242;
  • Tier 3 reliable data center;
  • KVM virtualization technology;
  • Remote access via VNC;
  • Upload your own software images;
  • Unlimited traffic;
  • Daily backups;
  • Guaranteed amount of resources;
  • Full ROOT access.

We're using ISPManager as a control panel, which gives you ease and convenience of configuration, including the ability to easily install and configure SSL certificates and flexible configuration of all services.

  • PHP 5.3 — 7.2 support;
  • Built-in antivirus software;
  • SFTP access;
  • Unlimited traffic;
  • PHP Accelerator;
  • Logs access;
  • SSI support;
  • URL redirection;
  • Unwanted IP blocking.

Ease of registering a domain name in popular and rare zones with the ability to hide your personal data. We register domains in 745 different domain zones: thematic, national, international, European and many others.

  • Free DNS-servers;
  • Convenient control panel;
  • Automatic domain renewal.

Easy installation of SSL certificates. The ability for quickly and automatically installation of Let’s Encrypt certificates, including wildcard certificates, as well as automated renewal of your certificates.

To protect your services against DDoS attacks, we using the Arbor Peakflow SP software/hardware complex, consists of a Threat Management System and Convergent Platform (routing information collection and analysis system). This system is the development of a leading company for a protection of networks - Arbor Networks, operating in this market since 1999 and more than 61% of global manufacturers and companies have trusted it.

One of the parameters affecting the speed of sites opening (loading) is the speed of the DNS server response. We provide high-performance DNS servers protected with latest technologies. Timely software updates and also updating against critical vulnerabilities make our servers almost invulnerable.

It is impossible to find a competent specialist who have knowledge in all areas of information technology, and the quality of education is deteriorating every year. Our company spends a lot of time searching for narrow specialists who are well versed in their fields. To save your time and money, we are ready to provide services in administration and maintenance of server equipment. Your equipment will receive highly qualified assistance, that will allow it to serve longer and without failures, and your services can easily withstand peak loads. The range of our services starts from diagnostics and ends with a complete development of your project.