Cash application for RUS Priority company

RUS Priority service, a Russian operator that provides access to business lounges at airports throughout Russia, has submitted a request to create an application for registering passengers. The task was not only to create an application for a network of terminals but also to create the concept itself and work out the logic of the application.

Thus, in order to get started, we held several general video conferences with the customer, where we got acquainted with the current infrastructure and API of the RUS Priority backend. After studying all the initial data, the optimal approach to creating the application was determined. Also, for a more detailed understanding of the concept, the client was provided with a number of consulting services in the field of interaction between services. Having approved the concept, we moved on to choosing a device.


efore proceeding directly to the development of the application, we needed to decide on the device. The requirements for the equipment were quite simple: a large touch screen, a contactless bank and mifare card reader, a camera, a built-in receipt printer, and at least 8 hours of battery life. The WizarPOS Q2 pos-terminal was chosen as the device. We have repeatedly worked with the WizarPOS Q2 device and have already implemented a number of projects on its basis. Considering that MST Company's specialists thoroughly know the SDK of the device, the speed of application development was, of course, much higher than when using any new device with which we have not yet worked.

To implement all the intended functions of the application, we supported the following device modules:

  • Camera (5MP with auto-focus and flash) - provides scanning of boarding passes and QR codes.
  • NFC reader (ISO 14443 Type A&B, Mifare, Contactless EMV Level 1, Mastercard Paypass, Visa Paywave ) - provides contactless bank card reading.
  • Thermal printer - provides printing of checks.
  • Communication with RUS Priority backend - In any of the connection options available on the device: 4G / 3G / 2G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Energy Low

Operation logic

In parallel with the work with the API functions of the device SDK, work was underway to create the design of screen forms and their logical relationship. The general concept of the application is for an employee of a business lounge to log in to the application using the Login/Password combination, or by scanning a personal QR code, and then select the business lounge in which he works from the list.

Next, the terminal goes into card standby mode. And as soon as a member of the RUS Priority program comes to the lounge, the employee of the lounge offers to touch to the contactless reader of the terminal with a membership bank card, or to scan a special QR code for identification. After identifying the program participant, the terminal screen displays all the necessary information about the participant, namely: the name of the owner, the number of passes to the business lounge, as well as information on whether it is possible to bring guests with you. Further, after confirming all the data, the participant registers in the system and receives a check printed by the terminal, while the passes are written off from the participant's balance. Within the next 15 minutes, the participant can cancel his visit and restore the number of passes to the business lounges. After 15 minutes, the cancel button in the app will automatically disappear.


The customer also entrusted the company MST to work on creating the appearance of the application. For a more detailed discussion of the design concept, we held an introductory conference, at which the customer outlined his own vision of the application, and also provided the existing corporate identity elements (fonts and company logos).

In a general sense, the concept was designated by the words «business» and «presentability», which reflects the very direction of the business. Therefore, to begin with, we decided on a palette, taking «muted gold» and «graphite black» as a basis. Based on the selected colors, we prepared the graphical part of the application, and created the interface elements.

Testing and operation

We tested the application in over 30 business lounges. For 3 weeks, business lounge employees worked with the application, leaving feedback and suggestions. It is also worth noting that, during testing, we tested several hypotheses for working with the application interface, as well as in the logical construction of the functionality.

Upon completion of testing, MST specialists systematized all the information received, corrected the shortcomings and revised the code. The feedback received during testing allowed the customer not only to improve the application but also to significantly rework the backend, making it more consistent.


MST provided the customer with the entire development cycle, including consulting services and a complete study of the application mechanics. A specialist accompanied each stage of development, which made it possible to strictly observe the established scope of the project. Further, the entire source code base and the developed graphics were transferred for further development of the project by the company.

The RUS Priority service, in turn, received a convenient tool for registering program participants in airport business lounges. In addition, RUS Priority specialists have raised their own level of expertise in the field of working with bank cards, and have optimized the backend of the service.

Отзыв клиента

В июле 2019 года компания ООО «Аэро-Трейд» искала подрядчика для выполнения работ по внедрению системы безналичной оплаты товаров самолетах авиакомпании «AZUR air». После тщательного изучения рынка, мы решили обратиться для реализации данного проекта в компанию ООО «МСТ Компани». Основной задачей было обеспечить каждый борт авиакомпании «AZUR air» терминалом, который сможет принимать платежи не только на земле, но и во время полёта.

В течении всего времени нашего сотрудничества, специалисты ООО «МСТ Компани» продемонстрировали отличные профессиональные навыки при подготовке проекта, и разработке документации. В результате мы получили гибкое и надёжное решение, которое удовлетворяет нашим требованиям.

По итогам работы с компанией ООО «МСТ Компани» хочется отметить соблюдение принципов делового партнерства, а также четкое соблюдение сроков работ и выполнение взятых на себя обязательств. ООО «Аэро-Трейд» выражает благодарность специалистам компании за проделанную работу в рамках внедрения системы безналичной оплаты на самолетах авиакомпании «AZUR air». И рекомендует компанию ООО «МСТ Компани» как надёжного партнёра в области платёжных решений.