SoftPOS for KamenskTelecom Provider

«KamenskTelecom» company uses JoinPAY SoftPOS Solution for the provision of additional services to the subscribers. The company looks to provide handy and transparent services to its customers.

The services department, comprised of about 50 people, was tasked with providing a handy mechanism for acceptance of funds. It did not consider buying portable point-of-sale devices due to high expenses that would have been incurred to launch the service, the unit economics of which had not been counted by then. The legality of the remote fiscalization by virtue of Law 54-FZ was an additional consideration.

This why the Company established the following concept of the service design:

  • The technical implementation of the service shall not lead to capital expenses (CAPEX);
  • Subsequent support of the service shall be simple;
  • Complete compliance with 54-FZ and mandatory integration with ATOL.ONLINE;
  • Availability of the company’s user account with detailed goods and services sales statistics and inventory accounting module.

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Technical Implementation and Integration


After several meetings, we have unanimously decided that not integrating our JoinPAY platform and the billing platform of «Kamensktel» would be the best solution, because ATOL.ONLINE service has already been used for fiscalization. We have implemented full API support, and «KamenskTelecom» receives, via callback url, the information on the fiscalization of payment from «ATOL, and the additional information on the payment effected from us and can enter the information received into its billing platform.

We have stipulated the entry of all necessary data into the receipt field of the POST structure of the fiscalization request. This data may include address, e-mail, telephone number and a free field where additional information (subscriber number, comments, etc.) may be entered.

During the implementation of the project, the Company also made an interesting suggestion. It was to display the status of each transaction in the JoinPAY user account indicating successful fiscalization of each individual sale using SoftPOS terminal in ATOL.ONLINE. We have introduced a native pictogram, and in the immediate future, we will fully upload the fiscal receipt to the platform.

Agency Payments

The next task was to implement the agency payments in SoftPOS. The reason for this was that KamenskTelecom received payments from the individuals, but, in respect to some subscribers, it serves as the payment service provider of «Radiotelefon» CJSC or «ServisEkspress» LLC (that have no separate payments agreements with banks at all). The payments to those companies accepted through the current acquiring (physical terminals, online acquiring through the website) of «KamenskTelecom» are not reflected as the full amount of income of «KamenskTelecom» in course of the fiscalization.

For this reason, during the development of the pre-check fiscalization of payments, before selection of the payment method, in addition to the mandatory fields for the telephone number or the e-mail and non-mandatory fields for description of the payer, the check is carried out as to whether or not «KamenskTelecom» has a list of legal entities in respect to which it serves as the payment service provider, and, if the answer is yes, the agency payments option with the choice from the list of registered legal entities becomes automatically available.

In conclusion, we should say that handy payment solutions are becoming more and more available. At the end of the works conducted, the services department of «KamenskTelecom» company obtained a mobile payment solution with wide functionality. Now, the company’s customers can easily pay for services, buy goods and add funds to the user account by simply putting a card to the telephone.

«Несмотря на сжатые сроки реализации проекта и сложность отраслевых платежных сервисов, накопленный опыт позволяет нам реализовывать механизм plug-and-play, «включил и играй (работай)». Что, безусловно, и позволило реализовать проект в заданный заказчиком срок».

Максим Леонидович Борноволоков

Директор ООО "МСТ Компани"

Participants of the project

MST company develops and introduces various payment solutions for all business areas. The key fields of the company’s work are the following: the building of cross-platform software for POS terminals, development of ERP systems for transport, acquiring solutions for retail, work with big data and neural networks, as well as the sale of payment equipment.

KamenskTelecom company was founded in 1998 in the town of Kamensk-Uralsky. KamenskTelecom provides broadband Internet, digital television, telecommunication and video surveillance. The company also provides a range of solutions for business, namely: Internet and internal networks, telephony and mini-PABX, and video surveillance.