Cloud monitoring system of server rooms for Bank MIA


Bank MIA is a long-standing partner of the MST company. Both companies have not only friendly relations, but joint projects in IT sphere. And another one completed project become the connection of the bank’s server rooms to the KEEM cloud monitoring system. Possessing three separate server rooms, the Bank was faced with situations when climatic equipment was failed, and as result set temperature regime of machine rooms was violated. Timely response to such incidents is extremely important, because the work of the Bank itself directly depends on an infrastructure state.

The cloud monitoring system KEEM is the best suited for data centers and server rooms. Our system provides remote monitoring of a wide range of various parameters that are necessary for the proper functioning of specialized premises. After several Skype conferences and definition of a circle of responsible persons from the MST and the Bank MIA, we've started the implementation of one more interesting project.

Inspection and tests

The first stage of each project is an inspection of an object and identification of all its features. Therefore, before starting the main work, our specialists visited the Bank’s server rooms located in Moscow. Detailed inspection of each room allowed us to adjust the equipment connection diagrams, as well as determine parameters for monitoring all the necessary systems. Thus, we're formed a list of sensors includes door opening / closing sensors, temperature sensors, motion sensors, smoke sensors, humidity sensors and flood sensors.

After we have determined all the necessary elements of the system, we just had to provide communication channels. For this project we've used MICRO SV.5 control devices, wich provide maximum service availability by reserving communication channels. The device is connected via both Ethernet and GSM. In case of emergency shutdown of one of the channels, the device automatically switches to the other one. The only non-standard task was a connecting the server room located in the Bank's basement. Since the signal of a standard 3G antenna was not enough, we had to connect the antenna through a thick RG-8X coaxial cable longer than 25 meters. Our laboratory tests have shown that even with this cable length, attenuation was minimal. Then we just had to make a detachable connection on antenna's cable.


When the preparation of the equipment was completed, and the kits were already waiting for their time, we went to Moscow again to carry out installation and commissioning. After the Bank’s security service checked our employees and arranged access to the server rooms, we started to work.

Since all the work was carried out in server rooms with working equipment with important services, we had to install our equipment very carefully. The Bank’s technical staff closely controlled the installation process, as well as compliance all sensor installation points that were approved in the project documentation.

After installation, the data from all objects were displayed at the bank monitoring station where we made a simulation tests of all event sensors. The upper and lower response limits of the sensors were configured in accordance with the international standard TIA-942.

Cloud service

The sensor sets of each room are connected to the control device, which sends the readings to the KEEM cloud service. Directly in the cloud service, for ease of use, all the server rooms were combined into a group of the same name. The group displays a list of objects as a table with information about the current status of a control device, its model, as well as name of a person responsible for the object.

Each server room of the Bank has its own page with the readings of a sensors. All sensors are divided into groups by type. For example, all temperature sensors are located on the Temperature tab, all humidity sensors on the Humidity tab, and so on. In addition, there is a separate tab with all connected sensors. Also, users can combine sensors into arbitrary groups by their own choice.

Each sensor displayed in the system has a number of settings where you can set a variety of parameters, including the upper and lower response limits, information about update intervals, notification settings, and much more. Also, each sensor has a detailed page where you can see detailed information in full screen mode, which is useful for a monitoring center.

Information about all emergency situations is stored in the notification section. The table with notifications shows an object on which the event occurred, a sensor name, as well as exact time of an incident. In addition, each user of the system receives instant notifications in browser, push notifications in the Telegram messenger, as well as to the email.

Also KEEM have a reporting system that allows to create reports about emergency situations on all objects.Ready-made reports are sent by e-mail to responsible bank employees.


Every year more and more banks seek to automate their own processes at all levels of internal infrastructure. By installing the KEEM service, Bank MIA got a flexible monitoring tool allows to monitor processes in the bank’s server rooms, as well as prevent various emergency situations. It is also worth noting that KEEM has excellent opportunities for further scaling of the system at minimal cost. Therefore, in the future, the Bank will always be able to add some necessary sensors.

We want to thank our colleagues from Bank MIA for the fruitful cooperation in this project. We are sure that we can make a lot more of joint projects in the future. We also want to thank our friends and partners from CityNet company, who actively and comprehensively helped us to achieve excellent resiliency of our service with the MICROSV.5 control devices.

We can only add that soon we will present a major update for the KEEM. And if your business already needs a high-quality monitoring system, you can always contact us using the Contacts section. We also recommend to visit the KEEM page on our website and read about its features.

Project participants

MIA Bank (Moscow Mortgage Agency) is a specialized municipal bank, fully controlled by the government and the Moscow City Property Department. The priority activity of the Bank is the implementation of social mortgage programs of the city of Moscow.

MST Company develops and implements various payment solutions for all business areas. The key areas of the company are: creation of cross-platform software for POS-terminals, development of ERP systems for transport, acquiring solutions for retail, work with large data sets (big data) and neural networks, as well as the sale of payment equipment.


«The bank decided to choose the KEEM solution developed by MST Company LLC. For a reasonable price, the company offered a full set of controlled engineering system parameters of server rooms in comparison with offers from other companies. Currently, the monitoring system provides the bank with the necessary level of detail about the engineering condition.»