IT-solutions for your business

Our solutions are designed for various areas, such as the automotive industry, retail, telecommunications and healthcare. It is not only ready-made infrastructure solutions, complex solutions combining the infrastructure with automation of business processes, but also these are successful implementations.

We are developing a ready-made infrastructure, industry, technology business solutions and Cloud services that allow you to automate your business processes, improve efficiency with technical or other resources. At the same time, you do not need to develop everything from scratch, you simply choose a ready-made solution.

ATM Keeper

ATM monitoring system


Crossplatform software for payment terminals

Acquiring solutions for a self-service machines

Non-cash payments on transport

Crossplatform EMV-Kernel

MST Cloud

Cloud services for business


Cloud IoT monitoring service for business

Беру Карты!

Торговый эквайринг для предпринимателей


Облачная касса для розницы

Объединение локальных сетей офисов

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