Selling of POS equipment

MST Company is the official distributor of Newland Payments equipment in Russia. Within the framework of the agreement, MST Company presents the entire range of Newland equipment on the Russian market.

Newland Payments is an international company specializing in the production of high-end POS-terminals. Thanks to a large innovative line of POS-terminal equipment, Newland Payments takes the third place in terms of sales in the world. More and more companies trust Newland, who's offering high-tech equipment, in comparison with other manufacturers, and most importantly a more flexible and transparent pricing policy.

Advantages of Newland equipment

Development and production that meets international standards, with an emphasis on flexibility in selection of software solutions, are priorities for Newland, which allows to successfully develop in the markets of many countries while offering favorable prices and impeccable quality.

Products quality in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 standarts

Extended warranty program and unrivaled service level

Flexibility in the implementation of customer solutions and competitive prices

Newland payment terminals

Smart terminal Newland N910

The model Newland N910 is a smart terminal on the Andriod system. The terminal has all the most necessary communication modules, such as GSM with 4G support, WiFi, and also Bluetooth. The N910 is equipped with magnetic stripe cards reader, smart cards reader, and a contactless reader.

All information is displayed on a large 5-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. Also Newland N910 have a bunch of special features such a 1D or 2D barcode scanner, GPS / Glonass module, and a 5-megapixel camera with flash and autofocus.

Wireless terminal Newland SP600

The classic wireless terminal Newland SP600 is an excellent solution for retailers, stores, cafes, delivery services, as well as any transportation companies.

High-performance processor, Wi-Fi and 3G with simultaneous installation of two SIM-cards, will ensure instant payment. Newland SP600 accepts all types of bank cards, including cards with contactless payment technology. By the customers request Newland SP600 can be equipped with a touch screen with electronic signature support.

Countertop terminal Newland SP50

Newland SP50 is an inexpensive countertop terminal, which has excellent functionality. Modern design and compact body in addition to high performance makes Newland SP50 a great device for a network of shops, boutiques, bars, cafes, hairdressers, bank branches and insurance companies.

Payment terminal Newland SP50 allows you to accept bank cards with magnetic stripe, chip cards, as well as cards with the technology of contactless payment. The connection to the Bank goes via Ethernet or Wi Fi. Colorful touchscreen with the ability to capture a signature and ergonomic keyboard make it easy to work with the terminal for both sellers and buyers.

MiniPOS terminal Newland ME51

Model Newland ME51 represents a new form factor called miniPOS. With its small size, Newland ME51 is ready to provide a very rich functionality comparable to full-sized POS-terminals, and even more.

For example, Newland ME51 has all the necessary wireless interfaces such as GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as the ability to accept all types of bank cards, including contactless. All this makes it a truly mobile and universal device. In addition, Newland ME51 has a built-in 1D / 2D barcode scanner.

mPOS terminal Newland ME30s

Incredibly compact mPOS-terminal Newland ME30s - an indispensable assistant for small and medium-sized businesses. mPOS terminal Newland ME30s is equipped with built-in readers for magnetic stripe cards, chip cards, and cards with contactless payment technology. Newland M30 connects to mobile devices based on iOS and Android via Bluetooth. You will definitely like bright and modern design, as well as the compact size of the Newland ME30s.