POS terminal accessories production

For 5 years, MST designs and manufactures a large range of accessories for POS terminals and online cash registers. The main criterion in the development of accessories for us is the unsurpassed quality, which is appreciated by customers in 37 countries. Today there are more than 150 items in our catalog, including cases and stands for POS terminals, specialized cables for charging and data transfer, and much more.

Accessories development


For us, design is the initial stage of any development. Before the start of all major works, we carefully study terms of reference for the development, or create terms of reference with the customer. Next, we inspect the terminal, and record all the features of its design (the location of readers, ports, additional pockets and compartments, etc.), and also measure all the necessary elements.

After completion of all preparatory work, we proceed directly to the design. The design process itself employs specialized software, which creates patterns, blueprints and 3D models required for production.


After the design process is completed, all blueprints and other necessary documents used in production. In turn, the production process maps are created, which take into account all aspects of each specific project.

Some stages of the work are fully automated. Automation is necessary in order to comply with some important parameters as much as possible, as well as to eliminate human factor. However, even automated work is carried out under the supervision of a qualified employee.

The final stage of production is the assembling of products, as well as their verification for compliance with the project parameters. At the end of this stage, the entire batch is transferred to the packaging and delivery department.


Branding is a great opportunity for a company to have a fully completed and holistic image that will allow it to be more recognizable. We produce branded cases and stands for POS terminals and other devices according to the customer’s individual order.

When branding cases, we offer different colors of fabric, as well as the application of the company logo. Depending on the complexity of the logo, we use various application techniques. When the logo has a simple outline, we usually embroider it with colored treads. In the case of complex outlines with many small details, a thermal transfer is used.

For branding of stands, we offer coloring of the entire stand using the RAL K7 catalog color palette. This catalog contains both basic colors and many shades that will suit most of the brands. In addition to the color, it is also possible to apply the logo on the stand.

Cases for POS terminals

The card reader with magnetic strip is rarely used, so it is closed with a zipper lock, which, if necessary, can be quickly opened.

All terminal connectors remain accessible, so you can use the ports without removing the case.

The compartment for the receipt tape is closed with a zipper lock, which can be quickly opened if you need to replace the roll. You do not need to remove the case.

The film that covers the screen is frost-resistant. It does not break and does not crack in the cold, and is able to withstand very low temperatures.

Each case is equipped with a comfortable height-adjustable belt, which will allow you to carry the terminal on your shoulder.

On the backside of the case, there is a small strap that allows you to secure the terminal in your hand firmly, ensuring that it will not fall out.

Cases for card terminals

POS terminal stands

The terminal is firmly fixed on the stand platform. Some terminal models can be attached with additional screws.

The stand is completely made of metal, so it has virtually unlimited service life.

The platform of the stand has a rotation angle of 210 degrees, and can also be tilted at an angle of 270 degrees.

Each stand is equipped with a mounting kit that allows you to mount it on a horizontal or inclined surface.

We offer two types of stands: standard, 140 mm high, and telescopic, with adjustable height from 200 to 300 mm.

The base of the stand is hollow, and can be used for convenient and hidden cabling.

Stands for payment terminals

Cables and chargers for POS terminals

After manufacture, each cable or battery charger undergoes functional test.

At the request of the customer, the cable can have a non-standard length.

It is possible to manufacture individual cables that are not available in free sale.

Cables and chargers for card terminals