Crossplatform software for payment terminals

What is JoinPOS

JoinPOS consists of four main parts, which together provide a flexible tool for managing of payment terminals network, accepting payments, and also attracting new customers and partners for a trade acquiring service.


Universal software for POS-terminals, designed for financial and administrative operations using payment cards.


The part of JoinPOS, designed to process and store electronic images of cash receipts and client signatures on a remote server.


Scalable cloud system, which allows a Bank to remotely control all of its POS-terminals with installed JoinPOS software.


Cloud service for users of merchant acquiring service, which allows to produce high-quality analytics of an trade outlet financial processes.

Universal software for POS-terminals


Our software is designed to give banks the opportunity to use payment terminals of various brands. There is no need to use only Verifone or Ingenico anymore. Already today we can offer inexpensive and high-quality Newland terminals, which are rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. In addition, our software works perfectly on NewPOS, SZZT and Bitel terminals.

Using JoinPOS, the Bank is able to operate a fleet of equipment with different brands in a single complex, which greatly reduces the cost of engineering services, as well as allows more efficient and faster commissioning of new equipment.

JOINPOS Key Features

Your engineers will love it

  • The architecture of the application, allows to support new equipment with minimal resources (both temporary and financial).
  • Support of all types of cards: magnetic stripe, chip, contactless
  • Support both online-only-transactions and also transactions with offline-authentication of the issuer (SDA, DDA, CDA) and offline-verification of the pin code
  • Support of work with vending machines
  • Ability to work with several legal entities.
  • Support of loyalty systems
  • Fuel card support
  • Support of most cash solutions (R-Keeper, Iiko, Atol, Bar-M, 1C, Dreamkas, Crystal, Pilot, Help-Line, Open Service, etc.).
  • Support of all popular terminal protocols (TPTP (SPDH-based, ISO-based) «Compass Plus Ltd.». OpenWay POS dialect, ISO 8583. SMARTVISTA FRONT ENDISO8583 POS Trickle Feed.)
  • CNP transactions support

    Main Functionality

    Universal software for POS-terminals, designed for financial and administrative operations using payment cards.

    Financial functions

    • Accepting Payments
    • Cancellation of completed payment
    • Preauthorization of payment
    • Any banking operations on the client's account (replenishment, balance request, cash withdrawal)
    • Non-cash tips
    • Loyalty programs
    • Print summary information about the payment: type, number and amount
    • Print complete information on financial transactions
    • Mini-statement on client's financial transactions
    • Obtaining control and reporting documents

    Administrative functions

    • Testing a terminal's connection with a Bank
    • User access control
    • Printing a list of cashiers
    • Download security keys (including remote)
    • Download parameters (both local and remote)
    • Quick setting of financial transactions parameters
    • Download logs


    Remote monitoring system for payment terminals

    Payment terminals network management system


    The monitoring system JoinTMS is designed to obtain operational information about administrated terminals, reduce downtime and increase the efficiency of terminals network use.

    The system displays a number of operations performed, version of installed software and OS, terminals operability, as well as operational information on a data exchange between terminals and TMS server.

    The system allows downloading main EMV-commands to the terminal, which makes possible to change the configuration of POS-terminal equipment without resorting to a large-scale upgrade of the acquiring network. This ultimately has a positive effect on the availability of the service.

    JoinTMS Main Features

    • Management of technical parameters of terminals in real time
    • Monitoring terminal fleet in real time
    • Real time reports
    • Detailed technical monitoring of terminal fleet
    • Remote firmware update
    • Terminal configuration changes
    • Remote update of terminal configuration
    • Real time status alerts
    • Remote access to terminal log files
    • Operators, users and terminals management
    • Reports in various formats
    • License management
    • Support for multi-level structure of POS-terminals distribution
    • Configuring Presets for typical operations.


      Online slip storage

      All Slips in one place

      JoinSlip is a part of JoinPOS, designed to process and store electronic images of cash receipts and client signatures on a remote server. The service provides access to the client's personal area with browser and various mobile platforms. In addition, the service provides a wide toolkit for processing of slips images with AI elements for collecting transaction data, presenting statistics and forecasting of sales.

      JoinSlip solves a number of tasks

      • Slip protection against forgery using an electronic signature and transfering it to romte server for storage
      • Toolkit for processing checks images with AI elements for collecting transaction data, statistics and forecasting of sales.
      • Export of electronic slips in various formats
      • Acceleration claims processing time
      • Providing business additional opportunities for analyzing transactions on trade outlets with variety of factors (geography, time intervals, etc.)

        Main Functionality

        • Acceptance and storage electronic images of checks transmitted by terminals
        • Acceptance and storage of client's signature(in case of a terminal supports signature capture)
        • Analyzing transaction data with flexibly customizable scripts and templates.
        • View and download electronic slip in various formats.
        • Sending a check image via various communication channels at the customer's request
        • Personal user account with Web-based access and mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms


          Cloud office for retail outlets

          RetailBUD - retail outlets buddy

          RetailBUD is a cloud-based office for enterprises that allows to provide high-quality analytics of the sales point processes. With this service, enterprise owner can monitor and analyze all performed transactions, as well as current statuses of devices connected to the service. In addition to the analytical mechanisms, RetailBUD has training materials such as videos, articles and manuals. As well as connection to Bank's service desk, and a built-in store of accessories and supplies for POS-terminals.

          Transaction analytics

          In the Transaction section, user can view information about all transaction from all terminals.The search for transactions is carried out using various filters (e.g. terminal model, sales point, amount, status). Detailed information is available for each transaction, from the list.

          Trading outlets and terminals

          Each client using the RetailBUD service can track all its outlets. Each trade outlet has its own page, with list of terminals and current statuses of the work, monitoring of technical condition, as well as a list of the latest transactions carried out at this trade outlet.

          From the list of terminals, user can go to the terminal's personal page, which contains complete information about the terminal and its transactions.

          Help in solving problems

          During operation process, owners have a number of problems associated with a terminals maintenance. And sometimes a simple problem (for example, how to correctly change a check tape), which can be solved by the owner itself, often leads to many hours of downtime, and accordingly to a loss of profit.

          Our service offers a structured directory of articles, with detailed text and video instructions, so that a user can solve a wide variety of problems by itself.

          In addition to the articles, we offer an integration with the Bank's Service Desk. With this integration all terminals owners will be able to register service requests directly from the RetalBUD.

          Store with the exclusive prices

          Each trade outlet from time to time is faced with situations when they need to buy a check tape, battery, charger, case or even stand for payment terminal. To meet all the needs of customers, RetalBUD has a built-in store of accessories for POS-terminal equipment. Now, to order all necessary consumables and accessories, it's just enough to login into your personal RetailBUD account and place an order.

          And it is worth noting, that all customers of JoinPOS receive a special price offers for all kinds of accessories in RetailBUD store. So, customers receives much lower prices simply just because they are users of RetailBUD.

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