Crossplatform EMV-Kernel

For any project

JoinCORE is a certified proprietary payment kernel developed by MST Company. Our EMV-Kernel has full compliance with EMV 4.3 specification. On its basis works our payment solutions such as JoinPos, Non-cash payments for public transport and Non-cash payments for vending machines.

The EMV-Kernel supports both online authentication and cardholder verification (online PIN), as well as operations with offline authentication (SDA, DDA, CDA) and cardholder verification (offline PIN). Also, it is possible to configure EMV-Kernel operating mode for payments without entering a PIN code within the limits established by the rules of payment systems. JoinCORE works with contact and contactless cards of the most popular payment systems (MasterCard, VISA, MIR) and tokenized cards on devices with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Mir Pay.

Meets your requirements

Currently, JoinCORE as a separate component outside of JoinPOS is supplied as a class library on C ++, Java or C #. To embed JoinCORE into its solution, a user must create a class object that inherits the classes declared in the library and implements the interfaces described in the library to implement communication with equipment (reader, pinpad, cryptosystem) and call the methods of this class at the right time for work with the map. However, by agreement with a customer, JoinCORE view format can be changed to a shared library with a specific API or application for the target platform, associated with the asynchronous messages environment (in the broad sense, both operating system messages and messages, for example, through sockets) using the JoinPOSProto protocol. Description for API and protocol is provided to a user in a convenient way

Benefits of our EMV-Kernel

EMV 4.3 compliant

Our EMV-Kernel supports all functions provided by EMV 4.3 specification.


Allows you to work with various POS-terminal equipment, validators and SoftPOS solutions.

Ease of development

Rich customization allows you to use JoinCORE for all areas of business.

Completed projects

On the basis of JoinCORE, we have implemented our own projects and also projects for our partners.

Non-cash payments on Kamensk-Uralsky buses