JoinPAY «Aero»

Cloud account and online cash register with the inventory control function.

Today, all airlines take utmost care for providing their customers with as many services as they can. One of such is selling products and services in-flight. However, though introduction of new payment methods can significantly improve the average bill, airlines do face some difficulties that cannot be sorted out without an integrated approach. Fintech platform JoinPAY «Aero» allows quick implementation of the onboard cashless payment system, reduce fraud rates, and provide the exhaustive sales analytics.

Advantages of the JoinPAY «Aero» solution

The acceptance of cash and non-cash payments

Mobile application for clients

Online and offline authorization for non-cash payments

Comprehensive 3-in-1 solution

Setting offline limits on the types of cards

Reliable acquiring bank

Module for re-authorization of transactions

Business account of the company

Registry of blocked cards (stop list)

Ergonomic devices

Convenient to use

High service speed

Платформа RetailBUD лучше, чем просто эквайринг

Личный кабинет

Бесплатный облачный кабинет всем клиентам сервиса RetailBUD.

Увеличение выручки

За счёт минимизации фрода и внедрения новых способов оплаты.

Аналитика процессов

Данные обо всех транзакциях собраны в личном кабинете.

Учёт всех операций

Позволяет учитывать как наличные, так и безналичные операции.

Борьба с фродом

За счёт использования гибридной схемы обработки транзакций.

Система отчётов

Позволяет формировать подробные отчёты по рейсам и воздушным судам.

How JoinPAY «Aero» works

Each flight of the airline is equipped with an JoinPAY online cash register, which accepts both cash and bankcards in accordance with the Federal law. The software installed in the POS terminal has all the necessary functionality and is able to process transactions in hybrid mode. This mode combines all the advantages of online and offline payment.

All data on financial transactions made are automatically sent to the airline’s personal account, which is called JoinPAY «Aero». The accumulated information helps the company to see how effectively sales are going on a particular aircraft or on a particular flight. Also, the personal account helps to fight fraud, due to the system of re-authorization of transactions.

Scheme of interaction between services

Payment features

Compliance with Federal laws

JoinPAY online cash register fully meets the requirements of the latest version of Federal law.

Non-cash payments

Accepting non-cash payment for a purchase in online and offline modes as payment.

Cash payments

Ability to accept cash as payment for a purchase.

Loyalty programs

Ability to create loyalty programs or connect to existing loyalty programs.

QR codes payments

Ability to pay for purchases using static and dynamic QR codes.
  • JoinPAY payment terminal

    Solution for accepting non-cash online and offline payments

    Reliable time tested terminal

    Simple and easy to use

    Long lasting battery life

  • JoinPAY online cash register

    3-in-1 solution for accepting cash and non-cash payments in offline and offline modes

    Online cash register with fiscal memory device

    Inventory control function

    The barcode scanner

Main functions of JoinPAY «Aero»


At the merchant’s request, when making an offline payment using a bankcard, it is possible to enter the boarding pass number, which is considered in the platform and displayed on the receipt. Therefore, there is a complete personalization of the client.
The JoinPAY «Aero» complex uses a hybrid scheme that allows you to process transactions as efficiently as possible and avoid fraud. As long as the aircraft is located at the airport, the terminal processes transactions online. During the flight, when there is no connection, the terminal continues to accept bankcard transactions, and after landing, all accumulated transactions are processed by the terminal to the bank. If there is a situation when there was no connection at the terminal and the airline passenger made a purchase using a bankcard with a negative balance, then this transaction is included in the stop list, as well as in a separate section of JoinPAY «Aero» called Deferred transactions. The service will try to deduct non-received funds from the passenger.
The JoinPAY «Aero» platform periodically repeats attempts to debit offline payments for which previous attempts were not successful.
When making offline payments using a bankcard, ask the customer to use a credit bankcard if possible.


In order to understand how well sales are going, you need to study statistical indicators. JoinPAY «Aero» allows you to get detailed statistics on revenue for each flight and route of the airline. Each aircraft and each route have their own pages, which contain information about the number of cash and non-cash transactions, as well as about the proceeds for each month of operation. Also, airline employees can view individual transactions over an arbitrary period of time, and search for a variety of different parameters, such as: date, amount, status, transaction type, payment system, device, etc.

Reporting system

Reporting is an important business component of any modern company. JoinPAY «Aero» provides a number of reports aimed at obtaining detailed information about the funds received on a particular aircraft or flight, for an arbitrary period. Reports also allow you to compare the profitability of several aircraft or several flights, which is a very convenient function for adjusting current prices and menu composition. All created reports can be easily transferred to paper using the built-in print function.

Completed projects

JoinPAY «Aero» on AZURair Airlines