Cashless payment on Board the aircraft

Today, all airlines take utmost care for providing their customers with as many services as they can. One of such is selling products and services in-flight. However, though introduction of new payment methods can significantly improve the average bill, airlines do face some difficulties that cannot be sorted out without an integrated approach. Transport and card platform RetailBUD allows quick implementation of the onboard cashless payment system, reduce fraud rates, and provide the exhaustive sales analytics.

RetailBUD, Better than Plain Acquiring

Personal Account

Free cloud account for all RetailBUD customers.

Enjoy higher sales

Make more thanks to reduced fraud rates and wide range of payment options.

Process analytics

See data on all the transactions in RetailBUD Personal Account .

See all transactions

Keep an eye on both cash and cashless transactions .

Fraud combating

Fight against Fraud using our hybrid transaction processing scheme.

Reporting system

Allows you to generate detailed reports on flights and aircraft.

RetailBUD Overview

Every aircraft is equipped with a POS terminal carrying our software JoinPOS. Terminals can accept both cash and bank cards. The terminal software offers all the necessary functions and can process transactions in a hybrid mode that comprises the benefits of online and offline payments.

All transaction data are sent to the airline’s (or catering company’s) personal account to let it appraise the sales efficiency on a certain board or flight. Based on such insights the company will be able to take informed measures to improve sales. Also, the personal account helps combat frauds with the help of the double transaction authorization.

RetailBUD Key Functions

Fraud Combating

RetailBUD exploits a hybrid system that helps process transactions with the highest possible efficiency and avoid frauds. While an airplane is at the airport, the terminal processes transactions online. During a flight, away from cellular coverage, the terminal continues to process bank card transactions, accumulates them, and then transfers all the data to the bank after landing.

In case a terminal is offline but a passenger makes a purchase with a negative-balance bank card, such a transaction will get to the stoplist and RetailBUD’s section titled Delayed Transactions. RetailBUD will try to charge funds from that very card every day until it succeeds. This is how the system reduces the fraud rate to zero.


To have a real picture of the sales performance, one needs to look into the stats. RetailBUD offers comprehensive sales stats by airplane or flight route. Every aircraft and route have dedicated pages that display the number of cash and cashless transactions and revenues by month. Also, airline employees will be able to view specific transactions for a specific period or search by a wide range of parameters (e.g. date, amount, status, type, payment system, device, etc.).

Reporting System

Reporting is an essential component of a modern company’s activity. RetailBUD provides reports helping analyze detailed revenue data by board or flight for any period. Besides, reports allow a user to compare the profitability of different airplanes of flights which can come in handy in adjusting current prices and offers. Finally, any report can be easily printed.

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