Acquiring solutions for a self-service machines

Every year, according to world trends, the number of self-service devices that accept bank cards increases by 15%. The acceptance of banking cards on vending machines not only increases sales, but also increases the average bill by 20-40%. Also, an important factor, that your customers have more pleasurable experience, when they are paying with bank cards on self-service devices, and hence, loyalty to your company is also growing.

Four reasons

why self-service devices equipped with bank card readers have a remarkable return on investment and why they can help increase your sales.

You can serve more potential customers

You helping your customers pay the way they want

You make payments easier for your customers

You are selling more items per one transaction

Our solution is suitable for everyone

Paid parking

Ticket machines

Vending machines

Automatic gas stations

Payment kiosks

Custom vending business

Advantages of our solutions

  • Our own EMV Kernel, version 4.3;
  • Kernel on a single platform for Windows and Linux;
  • Support of MDB2PC and MasterMDB converters;
  • We are working with following protocols: MDB, EXE, RS-485, PULS;
  • Large portfolio of completed projects;
  • We are working with several manufacturers of POS-terminal equipment;
  • Profitable terms for merchant acquiring services;
  • Personal account for operator of vending network (provided only when all transactions are processed through our preprocessing JoinPSP.