Business process modeling

Modeling is the research of cognitive objects on their models; the construction and study of models of actual objects, processes or phenomena to get explanations of these phenomena, and to predict the phenomena that are in the sphere of interest of the researcher.

About the service

In modeling, we try to make an abstract mathematical model of the processes we study, discarding all irrelevant for consideration. Once the model is compiled, it can answer a lot of questions: it will help to optimize business processes or processes technologies, make them more efficient, and determine their desired parameters. And all this is possible without the implementation of a risky field experiments with changing the parameters of business processes - just using a computer.

Naturally, in order for the model to correctly answer the questions posed, it must be correctly composed, nothing important should be discarded. This requires experience, and our specialists have it.

We will help you simulate almost every aspect of your business or technological cycle (including physical and chemical processes in your workplace) for efficiency.