Video surveillance for ATM

The video surveillance system helps financial organizations to resolve disputes with customers, and also ensure the safety of ATM users. It reduces financial losses associated with fraud and acts of vandalism towards self-service devices, and also monitors the encashment processes and ATM service.

Our company offers various video surveillance systems to meet the specific requirements of most banks.

Video surveillance kit developed by MST allows you to:

  • Carry out video surveillance of ATM operation using one or more video cameras connected to an ATM computer or to a DVR system.
  • Carry out audio / video monitoring of the ATM network in real time.
  • Perform archiving of audio / video information on media of both local and remote computers, including removable media.
  • Make video camera settings from a remote computer (resolution, brightness, contrast, frame rate, etc.).
  • Create scenarios for the response of the video surveillance system to various events (sound warning, automatic recording, etc.)
  • Watch logs of events (occurred in the system) from remote PC, including using filters (by date, event)
  • Create a report on interesting events with the possibility to print it on a paper.