Transportation of banking equipment

MST Company offers the services of carrying ATMs, information and transaction terminals and payment terminals of different manufacturers and with different characteristics (like type, weight, dimensions) within the shortest possible time and at the highest quality level.

We provide onsite delivery of bank equipment regardless of chosen place. Whether in a shopping center, an office building or any other facility our specialists will do it quickest possible and safely.

The Company has all necessary tools including both forklifts and other lift-and-transport equipment for installation and dismantling works, carriage of ATMs and information and transaction machines. Transportation to a car and from a car, to a place of installation is carried out on special trolleys, which ensures safety of the Client’s equipment.

The complex service for transportation of ATMs includes following stages:

  • dismantling of equipment;
  • packing (Packing for protection of external surfaces);
  • delivery from the location to the car, lifting into the car;
  • transportation;
  • delivery to a new location;
  • installation work (for ATMs and terminals installed through the window in the wall);
  • installation of additional power outlets (if necessary);
  • preparation of communication lines;
  • anchoring to the floor using anchor bolts.

MST Company is fully responsible for the safety of equipment and installation/dismantling of ATMs during the whole work process.