Storing of ATM machines

MST Company provides secure storing of ATMs, information-transaction terminals and other large-scale equipment for banking sector and individuals.

ATM storing conditions

Our storage room meets all the requirements and conditions:

  • Dry and heated room.
  • Complex security system - fire alarm, video surveillance, access system.
  • Climatic conditions in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.
  • The area of our warehouse can accommodate up to 100 units of equipment.

During the storage of equipment at the customer's request, we can offer: diagnosis and preparation of the ATM, installation of additional equipment, as well as cleaning and branding of ATMs.

The process of accepting ATMs for storing

Before the transfer of ATMs, both companies sign The Act of Transfer and Acceptance. The external state of ATMs is recorded in this document. After that, all ATMs are sealed with numbered holographic stickers. Compliance with these rules allows to be sure that access is possible only to responsible employees of the Bank.

Why you should entrust the storing of ATMs in MST Company

  • Conclusion of a contract without intermediaries.
  • We guarantee the safety of equipment.
  • Well-organized warehouse complexes.
  • Related services during the storage process.