Heating Systems for ATM

Installation of additional heating system allows to ensure uninterrupted operation of ATM units at a temperature in the internal part of a room from 0°С.

Considering the climate zone on the territory of which the company MST Company performs service of ATMs, we can say that not the whole network of devices is ready for low temperatures in winter. For expample the most of NCR brand ATMs with a vacuum dispenser.

At a very low temperature, the vacuum pump mechanism in the safe zone stops working. This mechanism gives out banknotes from cash cassettes, using suction cups. But at low temperatures the suction cups are lose their elasticity and, as a consequence, there is no set of banknotes from cash cassettes.

As our practice shows, it is enough to install an additional heating kit, to adapt the NCR ATMs to the winter period. The design of our heating kits is coordinated with the internal part of the ATM, and it does not prevent its normal operation.

In spite of the fact that the ATM with heating kit can keep working in a wide range of temperatures and humidity, nevertheless it is not necessary for a continuous work in conditions close to the maximum permissible. In accordance with the requirements of the NCR Site Preparation instruction, the ambient operating conditions in the interior of the room should be between 10 °C to 40 °C.

The additional heating kits developed by MST Company have successfully passed certification at NCR and are recognized as meeting NCR's design requirements.

Our heating kit includes:

  • Safe-zone heater;
  • Connecting cables and power supplying cables;;
  • Thermoregulator assembled with a stand (for office ATMs), and assembled with a fan heater (for inter-wall ATMs);
  • Temperature sensors;
  • Mounting kit;
  • Installation manual.