ATM Keeper
ATM monitoring system

What is ATM Keeper

Today, all banks around the world are increasingly faced with ATMs breaking. Attackers are inventing more and more new ways of breaking, from very complex to the simplest ones. The MST Company has developed an unique service for physical monitoring of ATM networks called - ATM Keeper.

Our solution allows to protect the ATM network from theft, breaking and vandalism. The service is perfect for small regional networks as well as for large federal ones. Conventionally, ATM Keeper service can be divided into 2 parts: hardware and cloud monitoring service.

ATM Keeper Features


Monitoring of the main parameters like temperature, humidity, gas presence. Notification of harmful events to the Bank's security systems.

Access control

Arming and disarming with the Touch Memory keys, as well as monitoring of doors opening / closing events.

Microclimate control

Intelligent ATM heating system, to maintain optimal temperature conditions at low temperatures.

ATM location

Determining the ATM location according to the data from mobile operators and display it on the map.

Power monitoring

Power reset, reboot based on LAN port monitoring, network voltage failure monitoring system.

Full ATM protection

The main task of the service is preventive protection of the ATM and also prevention of various harmful events


A large number of sensors in the ATM Keeper system allows you to instantly recognize any mechanical impact on the ATM, and to scare off the burglar just in time.

Gas injection

Gas injection is one of the most popular ways of breaking an ATM. ATM Keeper can instantly catch the gas and turn on the external siren in order to scare off the attacker.


The ATM Keeper system can detect arson of ATMs, strikes, and attempts to break down the device. All the data are recorded in the cloud account and can be send to the Bank's security panel.


The presence of the tracking system, allows you to display the current position of the ATM on the map. That significantly reduces the risk of equipment loss.


The hardware part of ATM Keeper consists of a controller and a set of sensors. All elements of a hardware part are mounted in each ATM. The monitoring of ATM is performed according to a set of sensors approved by the client, which allows monitoring various parameters of the device, such as the presence of combustible gas inside the ATM, the temperature in the safe and technical zones, the slope angle, the intrusion, etc.

  • Processor: ARM Cortex M4 , 180 MHz
  • Memory: ROM 2 MB; RAM 8 MB;
  • 2 modems (3G,) GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA, three SIM card slots (all cards are available without opening the housing);
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer / Shock Sensor / Tilt Sensor;
  • Crypto card slot;
  • RS 232 and RS 485 ports;
  • MicroSD slot;
  • Two digital interfaces 1Wire: for connecting digital thermometers, proximity card readers and Touch-Memory keys;
  • Three inputs for dry contact type sensors;
  • Four outputs for controlling external devices;
  • Crypto Accelerator (DES / 3DES, AES 128/192/256, SHA1, MD5, HMAC, hardware random number generator);


The Bank chooses the necessary set of sensors based on their own operational experience. The service has the ability to customize the response to events. The Bank can set the event dependencies, for example if the sensor has recorded some tilt or shock, then sound siren or smoke system will be activated, etc. All data is transmitted to the service every 15 seconds, the event data (like safe door opening, tilt, shock, gas injection) are transmitted online.

Cloud monitoring service

In your personal account you can monitor the status of all sensors on each ATM, and also receive prompt notifications about emergency situations. In addition, you can always download the necessary reports for any period of time. Also, ATM Keeper can be integrated into an internal systems of a Bank.

List of ATMs

Under the development process of our cloud monitoring service, we tried to provide all the necessary functionality, and at the same time not forgetting about the convenience and appearance. For example, all ATMs are displayed on a large map, and also under the map, we placed a list of ATMs with the ability to search with various parameters.

ATM Monitoring Page

Each ATM, placed in system, has its own page, which displays basic information about the ATM (installation location, serial numbers, brand, model, etc.), service history, and all connected sensors.

If a user faced with emergency situations, he will be notified where exactly the problem occurred, and what parameters of a sensor went beyond the limits of the norm. Also, in addition to notifications, user can receive notifications via SMS and e-mail.


Information about all incidents is stored in the system, and available for a further reporting. In the Report section, user can download all the information on the incidents, with any period of time, with the possibility to select the fields required for the report. All reports can be saved to the most popular formats, such as XLS, CSV or PDF. All saved reports are available for downloading at any time.

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