ATM Cleaning

ATM cleaning is the timely cleaning of self-service devices from all types of pollution. The opinion about a particular bank consist of a number of parameters. And a important role is played by the external and technical condition of ATMs.

The MST company using cleaning products produced by the BOKO company. It means that we offers the high quality services and guarantees a high level of devices purification.

The complex cleaning program includes a several stages:

  • Cleaning the front and outer panels. Performing with a lint-free cloth moistened with a surface cleaner or with a liquid detergent solution (washing liquid and warm water). After that, the surface is wiped again with a dry, lint-free cloth.
  • Removing of strong contaminants such as paint, grease, graffiti, inscriptions and other contaminants is made by cotton swabs moistened with isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. After that, the surface is cleaned in the usual way.
  • Cleaning the surface of all cameras and bar code readers is performed similarly.
  • Application of special agents on the front of a self-service device to prevent condensation, dirt and dust.
  • Updating the information stand, updating stickers (if necessary).
  • Cleaning of containers for checks and visors.
  • Cleaning the service area.