ATM Branding

MST Company — is one of the leading companies in the Urals Federal District with the unique branding experience of self-service machines (ATMs, informational-transaction terminals), creation of self-service round-the-clock zones in strict accordance with the Bank’s BrandBook and technical requirements for the installation and operation of bank equipment.

All works are made by highly qualified employees, with extensive experience of working with vinyl films and methods of painting on surfaces, at the same time, all the experts are fully familiar with the technical characteristics of banking equipment.

Depending on a model, placement, and in accordance with a client’s requirements, the specialists of MST Company can produce ATM’s branding in the following ways:

Colouring of ATM’s surfaces

A big plus of this method - in the durability of the coating. Decorative design with coloring, provides a high quality coating for several years, and ATM will always look attractive to customers. The coloring method is also perfect for outdoor ATM machines.

Lining of the ATM surface with color film

Modern adhesive films have a widest color gamut and allows to create any images. Our specialists, in accordance with the approved design, will cut out parts from a film, and then paste them on a surface of an ATM. This is the simplest and cheapest way of branding, suitable for indoor devices.

Lining of the ATM surface with cast film

Cast vinyl film is not only a good way of branding devices, but also a great protecton of surfaces from environmental influences. Information on a vinyl film is applied using a multi-colored printing technology, and then the film with the applied information is pasted onto device. The lifetime of the film is more than 5 years. Devices, covered with vinyl film, can be located both indoors and outdoors.

Branding with plastic panels

If the appearance of your ATM leaves much to be desired, you can use branding with plastic panels. In this method, the film with applied information is transferred on special plastic panels, which are then attached to an ATM. This method is the most simple in terms of attaching information to an ATM that is already on the site of its permanent placement. All the preparatory work is carried out at the workshop, and then all panels are attached on a double-sided tape to the ATM machine. This branding method is suitable for indoor ATMs.