Payment acceptance for shuttle buses of the Delovoy Kvartal international business park

MST company have launched the project for fair payment in shuttle buses of the Delovoy Kvartal international business park. From November 11 to December 2, we tested new bus routes, and in the same time, we were actively preparing for the commercial launch of our project. The implementation of the project was carried out in a short time, and it was necessary to:

  • supply payment equipment;
  • manufacture dc/dc converters;
  • register merchant in international payment systems (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, MIR);
  • train employees of the business park to work with the RetailBUD transport card platform;
  • train drivers to work with payment equipment;
  • install the equipment in shuttle buses;
  • launch the project in a pilot manner.

Availability of advanced repair and technical base in Yekaterinburg allowed to provide work at a high level. The area of boxes allows to work with buses of large capacity (NEfAZ, KAMAZ, LIAZ and others) and to carry out any works related to installation of the payment equipment, tachographs, bus stop announcers, advertising panels, industrial routers (for public Wi-Fi networks) and other electronic equipment.

Creating a single ecosystem of services, Delovoy Kvartal business park aims to provide its customers and guests with the most convenient and modern service. All shuttle busses began to accept fare payments via convenient and modern methods. But that is not all. In addition to the implementation of new payment methods, all passengers of the Delovoy Kvartal business park have access to a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms, and a personal web office, where they can view their own trips.

It is now very easy to pay for the shuttle bus fare. We have taken care of the implementation of several payment methods, so that residents of the business park could always choose what is most convenient for them.

Cash funds. It does not differ from any public transport. Just give the driver an amount equal to the fare and get a ticket.

Bank card payment. Paying fare with a card is as easy as making a purchase in any store. To pay fare, simply hold the card near the terminal screen area for 1.5-2 seconds, or insert the card into the reader, after which the terminal will print the ticket.

Wearable devices with NFC technology. If you own a modern phone or smart watch with NFC technology, then you just need to bring the device to the terminal screen, also for 1.5-2 seconds, and then take the printed ticket.

QR code payment. This is a fairly new payment method, which is gaining popularity all over the world. And soon enough all residents and guests of Delovoy Kvartal business park would be able to try QR payments. In order to pay for fare by QR code in buses, you only need a smartphone with a camera and Internet access.

In the second phase of the project, the RetailBUD transport card platform will be more integrated into a single ecosystem of services in the Delovoy Kvartal business park. In the first quarter of 2020, residents of the business park will be able to pay for travel using electronic passes.

The technological partner of the project was Mastercard, providing the necessary advice in terms of work related to the creation of aggregation sessions cycles, as well as PAR (payment account reference) technology. PAR is the value associated with the number of Mastercard credit or debit card issued to the customer. PAR links the tokenized card number and transactions based on the card number without it using 1:1 PAR and PAN (card numbers). This technology allows the enterprise to manage risks more efficiently, and also allows passengers to see payments made with the use of wearable (tokenized) devices in their personal account.

We have also planned cdcvm bypass support in emv kernel. In simple terms, when you set up a transport card, you would not need a touch id or a code-password when paying.

You can read about Apple's Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method here.

Delovoy Kvartal international business park is an office project unique for Yekaterinburg, providing residents with all opportunities for work, creativity and recreation. The business park covers an area of 17 hectares, which includes 10 office buildings, warehouses and ground parkings for 2500 cars. The buildings are equipped with advanced engineering equipment and centralized air conditioning and ventilation systems. The business park has its own network of traffic routes for daily corporate shuttle buses.

MST company develops and implements various payment solutions for all business areas. The key areas of the company are: creation of cross-platform software for POS-terminals, development of ERP systems for transport, acquiring solutions for retail, work with large data sets (big data) and neural networks, as well as the sale of payment equipment.

Mastercard is a tech company operating in the global payment industry. Mastercard operates the world's fastest payment processing network that connects consumers, financial institutions, trade organizations, government and business entities in more than 210 countries and territories. Mastercard products and solutions make everyday tasks such as shopping, traveling, doing business, and managing finances easier, safer, and more efficient.


Delovoy Kvartal International Business Park is one of the largest business parks in Russia. As part of the infrastructure development, as well as providing the most comfortable service for our Residents, in November 2019 the Business Park «Delovoy Kvartal» significantly expanded its route network. In parallel with the development of the transport network, we planned to introduce a convenient system for all kinds of payment methods for corporate shuttle buses. We took the choice and implementation of the payment system seriously, having identified the most important functionality of the system. As a result, we selected the RetailBUD platform, which was provided by MST.

And this choice is not accidental, thanks to the introduction of the RetailBUD system, residents of the Business Park «Delovoy Kvartal» were able to pay for travel in cash, bank cards, as well as using QR codes. In turn, the management staff can control all payments through the personal account and automatically generate all necessary reports.

International Business Park «Delovoy Kvartal» expresses its gratitude to the company MST for a professional approach to solving the tasks. Each stage of the implementation process took place precisely on time, which allowed the simultaneous launch of new routes and fare payment system. We highly recommend MST as a responsible and executive contractor and look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

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