SZZT encrypted keypads was supported in JoinPOS for vending machines

Happy to announce, that in new version of JoinPOS for vending machines we have added support of following encrypted keypads: SZZT 588F, SZZT 588CA, SZZT 598L and SZZT 596F. Companies that selling goods and services with vending machines can accept international bank cards using Join POS software module.

Our library provides acceptance of the following types of cards:

  1. MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic;
  2. VISA, VISA Electron
  3. MIR (МИР)

To accept bank cards with JoinPOS, your vending machine or self-service terminal must contain the following components:

  1. Motorized or manual card reader, with ability to read 2nd track of the magnetic card and interact with the chip according to ISO 7816 standard.
  2. PIN-keyboard with the ability to encrypt the PIN calculation of MAC-code using the TripleDES Master / session algorithm.
  3. A receipt printer with a print zone width of at least 32 characters.

At the moment, the library supports the RFI Bank. Also we're working to connect a few more banks. If you are interested in our software for vending machine and self-service terminals, please contact us.

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