RetailBUD passenger's personal cabinet

First big RetailBUD update in this year we decided to dedicate to passenger's personal cabinet. But before proceeding directly to the review of functionality, let's consider what passenger’s personal cabinet can give to a city transportation company. If we look at the passengers themselves, of course it's a trips history, electronic travel cards, as well as various conflicts and controversial situations. And also various bonus programs organized by transportation company.

And if look from a transportation company side, we can notice, there are much more benefits. So, first of all, as company you can increase passengers loyalty through the provision of convenient service and various promotions. Further, monitoring of customer service quality and timely identification of problems. Also worth noting is the possibility of drawing up an analytical portrait of a passenger. The accumulated statistics can be used for the most accurate targeting of advertising integrations inside the passenger's personal cabinet, which will make advertising most effective.

And this even not a complete list of the advantages of RetailBUD passenger's personal cabinet.

After we have dealt with the appointment of a personal cabinet, let's take a look its key functions in more detail. Through developing process, we cared not only about ease of use, but also ease of integration for transportation companies. Thus, the RetailBUD passenger's cabinet can be easily integrated into any website in a minutes. By registering in the system, a passenger creates an account that must be confirmed by a cell phone number. After an account is confirmed, a passenger will have access to the entire functionality of the cabinet.

Data on all registered passengers also appear in the company's back-office. If necessary, a transportation company can collect various additional information about passengers, whether it be gender, age, area of residence and other data.

The main section of the passenger's cabinet is a page with trips history. However, before passenger will be able to view its own trips history information, he must add his bank card or an electronic travel card. And even if a passenger used his electronic travel card or bank card, but did not register his personal account, after registering and adding the card, all previous trips will be available in trip history section. Each registered passenger can add an unlimited number of bank cards and travel cards. Bank cards have a different design depending on the payment system. If, for any reason, a passenger doesn't want to use his card in the system, he can remove it in one click.

After the cards have been added, a passenger can go to the main screen with a list of his trips. All trips are displayed in a table that contains the following information:

  • Type of payment. Indicates how the trip was paid. By credit card or by electronic travel card;
  • Bank card or electronic travel card number;
  • The cost of travel;
  • Payment status. In cases there not enough funds on a bank card or travel card, or in case of an error durning the payment process, the system will assign a successful or unsuccessful payment status. This helps to resolve disputes about payment of travel.
  • Series and ticket number;
  • Full name of a conductor who sold the ticket;
  • Full name of a driver;
  • Route number;
  • Electronic copy of the ticket issued to the passenger during the trip;
  • The exact date and time of the trip;
  • Trip rating

Each registered passenger can rate his trips. Each trip in trips history section, have a special button that opens the form with the rating scale and comment field. Reviews from all passengers are collected in the company's back-office where employees can quickly monitor incidents and, if necessary, resolve disputes. This functionality allows to improve the quality of service, as well as timely solve vorous problem situations on trips.

All this, just a small part of the functionality that we ready to present in the first release. And very soon we will announce even more useful features. Today, we can say with confidence that a passenger’s personal cabinet is necessary not only for clients, but also directly for a city transportation companies themselves, in both large and small towns. Personal passenger cabinet RetailBUD is an excellent marketing tool that helps you earn more.

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