Our major update for ATM Keeper

Today we are glad to present major update of our ATM monitoring system – ATM Keeper. The new version has better software part and includes user interface improvements for the best experience. Besides, we've got an additional improvements in the hardware, thanks to our partner CityNet.

In this update we're fully changed the interface. ATM Keeper became fully responsive and suitable for smart-phones and tablets. Now, every user can work with our service with the most convenient device. Moreover, we redesigned ATM Keeper according to new trends in design and usability.

The update in software part also has a few important improvements. In this update, we’ve focused on better performance.

  • We‘ve made better the algorithm of receiving and processing data from the controller;
  • We've optimized interaction between the system and database which increased working speed in several times
  • We've created two separate groups for users, which helps to set the areas of responsibility. In additional to operators we have added manager account. The manager account can create new operators and also he have access to ATM's of different Bank’s branches.

Our partner CityNet supports ATM Keeper in their devices called Micro SV5, it means that every bank which uses this device just need to update the firmware. After that , the new tab with settings for ATM Keeper will be available. Bank only need to add necessary sensors. This method allows to reduce the cost on service integration to in ATM network.

We don’t want to stop and always try to do our best to bring additional functions to the service. So here the small announce of new features, will be available in the nearest future:

  • The first one, is the possibility to collecting exact time and date of opening and closing safe zone and tech zone.
  • We’ll increase the list of sensors, which will allow the bank to select the data, thwy wants to receive from telemetry.
  • The next one, is the possibility to send information about the loss of external power.
  • And the last but not least is the alarm system. When one or more sensors are triggered, a loud alarm is activated that will scare off the robber.