New generation of carrying cases for VeriFone Vx675 and PAX S920

It's more than a year our company has been specializing in the development and manufacture of carrying cases for various specialized equipment, and in particular, bank payment terminals. During this time we got a lot of experience, which was used in our new generation of cases, and thanks to the received feedback from our customers, we've made a quite large number of changes.

And it's helped us to significantly improve our cases. As the result, now you can change check tape much faster and more conveniently, the materials we used gives you pleasant tactile sensations, also they are looks much better.

And today we are happy to present our new generation of carrying cases for Verifone VX675 and PAX S920, made from Softshell material. Softshell is a stretchy and hardwearing fabric with good protection from environmental impacts.

Thanks to this fabric, the case fit tightly to the terminal, repeat all the shapes of the device body, which guarantees ease of use. All the features of the device's body were taken into account in the designing process. We also include all necessary technical windows for all of ports like charging port and data cable port. Zippers allow to quickly change the check tape, if needed. And as the other cases of this generation, this cases have a closed magnetic stripe card reader, which you can always easily unzip and use this reader.

This reader is closed by default, because of gradual elimination of plastic cards with a magnetic stripe. The case has also a shoulder strap and a short strap for hand on the back side. On the customer's request, we can additionally produce a pocket for the check tape or for a spare battery.