JoinPOS - cross-platform software for payment terminals

Nowadays, we are in the area of wide quantity of payment solutions, which are well integrated in commercial landscape. Every solution has its good features and some advantages. In the same time, many users of terminal payment software, complain about absent of flexibility in using devices of different brands together. Very often, the software used for one brand has conflicts or simply doesn’t work with the others.

MST Company proudly represents its new project JoinPOS. In our software we’ve tried to solve the problem of compatibility and created the cross platform software. Today, we support following pos-terminals: Newland, Newpos, Bitel and SZZT.

JoinPOS supports a set of all necessary financial and administrative functions. When we were creating our software we tried to create flexible and convenience software which allows our customers to work with the models they like.

In addition to the software, we offer the remote management system for payment terminal network, called JoinCORE. This system allows you to remotely load configs, software updates, stop-lists and other types of information in your terminals. Besides, the JoinCORE system allows you to record in the database all messages coming from terminals or outgoing to terminals, also monitor their activity and performance.

Check JoinPOS page for more information about the product.